Roglic’s debut on the wrong foot with Bora is not usual

Red Bull’s entry into Bora is a double-edged sword

Well, the news landed on the third day of 2024, and it is clear: Red Bull fully disembarks in cycling and does so through Bora.

To date, the energy drink brand was occasionally in the peloton, making it easier to distinguish Wout Van Aert in the peloton, for wearing a personalized helmet, with a gray background, with the bull emblem throughout the coconut.

Tom Pidcock also carried the same advertising until a year ago, more or less, as did Anton Palzer, previously a renowned skier in Austria and Germany, and a former Bora Hansgrohe cyclist.

Look what we are talking about, teams, structures as powerful as Jumbo, Ineos and Bora gave their permission for some of their athletes to carry Red Bull advertising in the helmet.

I always considered it a disruptive element which showed the ability of a great brand like this to influence and change the rules of the cycling game, a sport that, let’s not fool ourselves, is alms for the brand of the bull.

Well Red Bull is very powerful in Formula 1 and has a certain track record in footballwith Leipzig and Salzburg, two teams that have been turned around like a sock, both in power and presence in Europe, and in the baptism of their two states.

Both have the Red Bull name on the entrance sign.

Now when you go into one of the brand’s flag stores in the center of a city, I know the one in Salzburg, not only there will be single-seaters and soccer balls, also, jerseys and bicycles.

In any case, we will see if Red Bull’s entry into Bora implies more and better structure in one of the most powerful teams in the world that, curiously, has just lost one of its jewels, the young Cian.

We will see if that happens, and we will see how the world of cycling will take another turn of the screw in super-professionalization and increased costs, as is somewhat happening with Lidl in Trek.

That sport, our sport, is attractive to large companies is a joy, but That this attraction is going to change the rules of the game is unquestionable.

And the first change will come from the price of things in increasingly expensive and demanding cycling at the highest level, as if the elite, little by little, were disconnecting from the rest of this sport.

Imagen: ASO/Aurélien Vialatte

2024-03-13 23:36:03
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