Rihards Bukarts had a goal and an assist in the Czech Republic; Batna continues to collect points in Finland

In the first match of the round of 16, “Rider” lost 3:4 (2:1, 0:1, 1:2) to Ralf Freiberg’s “Mountfield” from Hradec Králova, which reached 1-0 in the series up to three victories.

At the end of the first third, Rihards Bukarts ended the majority with an accurate shot and put the visitors in the lead with 2:1, and then assisted the third goal of the Vītkovice team, which was also scored in the majority.

He was on the ice for a total of 19 minutes and 57 seconds, of which he spent almost ten minutes in the majority, and marked the statistics with four shots on goal, ending the match with a negative efficiency coefficient of -2.

Meanwhile, Robert Buckart played 18 minutes and 21 seconds, nine minutes and 21 seconds of which he spent on the ice in the majority. He shot on goal once and blocked an opponent’s shot, accumulating a negative efficiency coefficient of -2.

Among the winners, Freiberg was on the field for 20 minutes and 55 seconds and played less than seven minutes and 15 seconds. During his time on the ice, he had one shot at the opponent’s goal and blocked two shots, ending the match with a neutral efficiency ratio.

In another match, “Verva” from Litvīnova, represented by Jānis Jakas and Kristaps Zīle, beat “Škoda” from Plzeň at home with the result 4:2 (0:1, 1:1, 3:0) and took the lead 1-0 in the series up to three victories.

Meanwhile, Oskars Batņa successfully assisted Mikeli in the victory of “Jukurit” at home in the Finnish championship game. “Jukurit” defeated Pori “Assat” with 4:1 (0:0, 3:0, 1:1).

In the 22nd minute, Batnia successfully passed to Oto Mekinen, who made it 2:0.

The Latvian ice hockey player was on the ice for 16 minutes and one second, scoring twice, earning four penalty minutes, during which no goal was lost, and winning two of six shots, as well as ending the match with a +/- indicator of +1.

Hemenlinna HPK, without Artur Andjan, recognized the superiority of Helsinki HIFK 1:4 (1:2, 0:1, 0:1) away from home.

“Jukurit” with 101 points in 58 matches takes the third place in the competition of 15 teams, JYP of Jiveskile represented by Mika Tumanov is in 13th place with 67 points in 57 matches, while HPK of Hemēnlinna is the lowest with 58 points in 57 duels.

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