Remembering Croatian Judo Legend Marijan Novak – Tsuki, a True Giant of the Sport

Croatian judo legend Marijan Novak – Tsuki, born December 28, 1948, passed away on SATURDAY.

Tsuki made his great contribution to judo in Croatia at the end of the last century. She is one of the people thanks to whom many Croatian judo clubs were formed, and to Croatian judo Tsuki also transferred his knowledge and experience that he acquired during his stay in Japan, the country of original judo.

«For the judoka, the real work begins around the age of 12. Until then, children practice more through play and fun. Talent is desirable, but not decisive. “First is diligence and the willingness to work hard,” Tsuki said in the late 1990s.

Tsuki’s family and friends, as well as numerous judokas and coaches from across the region, say goodbye.

«Tsuki, thank you»

«Tsuki, the coach, the second father, my friend, left us.

You always said; How little it takes to make a person happy!

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Your modesty exceeded all limits!

Thank you for being with me in all the moments of my life, the most beautiful and the most difficult, and you never lost faith in me.

Tsuki, thank you, you will always be a big part of our heart and that of your family”, Saša Šafranić said goodbye to his former coach, a man he calls his second father.

«A true giant of Croatian judo»

«It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce the sad news that the true great of Croatian judo, Marijan Novak – Tsuki (December 28, 1948 – March 2, 2024), has passed away.

Marijan Novak, always attentive and available, was not only an expert, but also a passionate person who could be counted on to promote the cause of sport, especially judo. We remember that in 1999 he was responsible for the triumph of Saša Šafranić, who later won the gold medal in Rome at the European Youth Championships in the -73″ category, the Croatian Judo Federation announced.

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