Reggio-tinged Derby: Icare Cavriago vs. Pallacanestro Reggiolo in Regional Division 1

Reggio-tinged derby in the postponement of the fifth return day of Regional Division 1, with Icare Cavriago (8) hosting Pallacanestro Reggiolo (20) at the PalaAeB: the hosts want to make up for the midweek internal stop, which came in the recovery of Anzola, trying to abandon the last place where they have been stationed since the beginning of the season, perhaps taking advantage of the postponement of Nubilaria, with whom they share the position, who will play the match in Castelfranco on March 27th.

Obviously, the guests have a different opinion: Bosi’s men are 3-7 away from home, but they will try to take advantage of today’s match to improve their current eighth place and go in search of continuity of performance, a detail missed a bit in the match. last period.

2024-03-03 05:49:09
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