Recap of the Ecoplume de l’Emblavez Men’s and Women’s Doubles Tournament

After the mixed doubles on Saturday, the Ecoplume de l’Emblavez tournament was hosted by the men’s and women’s doubles on Sunday at the Lavoûte-sur-Loire gymnasium.

102 matches were played including 36 matches in 3 sets and 56 minutes for the longest, 13 for the quickest.

Two series were won by Emblavez (4 in total with the 2 from Saturday), 3 by Brives, 1 by Ambert, 1 by a Mende/Yssingeaux pair and 1 by a Langogne/Brives pair.

Series 1


Winners: GONY Dorian (Badminton Club Langonais) – MASCLAUX Florian (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Finalists: ARMAND Lorris (Sports Association of Marcy and Charbonnières) – DIEU Romain (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Third places: DO Angelo (Badminton Club Emblavez) – LAUMOND Maxime (Brioude Bad Team) and PASTOR Fabien (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – TREILLE Frédéric (Le Badminton Yssingelais)


Winners: DAVIES Emma (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – GARCIA Geraldine (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Finalists: EYRAUD Anais (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – SENEGAS Elise (Le Badminton Yssingelais)

Third places: ONCOMPAIN Lydie (Le Badminton Yssingelais) – ROURE Agathe (Le Badminton Yssingelais) and BRUNEL Mani (Badminton Club Mendois) – LAFFITTE Mathilde (Badminton Club Mendois)

Series 2


Winners: HABOUZIT Florian (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – THOMAS Mathieu (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Finalists: AGUILERA Simon (Club Sportif Ambertois Badminton) – CLAUD Christophe (Club Sportif Ambertois Badminton)

Third places: FAY Jules (Brioude Bad Team) – LIOGIER Léo (Badminton Club Emblavez) and GARREL Mathieu (Badminton Club Mendois) – ROBIN Samy (Badminton Club Mendois)


Winners: MALOSSE Marie-celine (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – TREILLE Aurore (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Finalists: GONY Jade (Badminton Club Langonais) – GRIEVE Natasha (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Third places: GATTET Mathilde (Le Badminton Yssingelais) – GUERIN Elise (Le Badminton Yssingelais) and LUCARELLI Julie (Badminton Club Emblavez) – MOROLDO Lucile (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Series 3


Winners: DUCLOUX Simon (Badminton Club Emblavez) – SOUTON Stéphane (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Finalists: GAUTHIER Fabrice (Badminton Club Emblavez) – TRAN Thai (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Third places: BARDOU Kévin (Badminton Club Mendois) – CHEYNEL Florent (Le Badminton Yssingelais) and CRESPIN Stephane (Brioude Bad Team) – MEURANT Simon (Brioude Bad Team)


Winners: GAUTHIER Marilyne (Badminton Club Emblavez) – RAFFIER Christelle (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Finalists: COUNTRY Lilou (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – PETITCLERC Eline (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Third: EXBRAYAT Corinne (Badminton Club Emblavez) – PLANTIN Jeanine (Badminton Club Emblavez) and CHABANEL Marine (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay) – TREILLE Rosalie (Badminton Club Brives-Charensac Velay)

Series 4


Winners: AMEGNIGAN Etienne (Badminton Club Mendois) – MONATTE Florian (Le Badminton Yssingelais)

Finalists: CHARDENOUX Amaury (Badminton Club Emblavez) – PETIOT Pierre (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Third: MEYRAS Laurent (Badminton Club Emblavez) – SAUVAGE Vincent (Badminton Club Emblavez)


Winners: CHAMPROUX Claire (Ambertois Badminton Sports Club) – MARTINS Joanna (Ambertois Badminton Sports Club)

Finalists: FOURNET-FAYARD Marjolaine (Badminton Club Emblavez) – MEYRAS Séverine (Badminton Club Emblavez)

Third places: GUILLOT Joy (Ambertois Badminton Sports Club) – PINEL Elodie (Ambertois Badminton Sports Club)

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