Real Madrid vs Barcelona: The Shift in Rivalry and Market Dynamics

The enemy is no longer in Barcelona. It has been a historic rivalry, but the site of Real Madrid and the Barça entity have nothing to do with it. The Madrid club competes with the state teams When it comes to signings, the Catalan cannot get close to that race, so much so that because of Valdebebas they no longer see the Blaugrana as rivals in the market, nor in many other situations.

Real Madrid demonstrates with every step it takes that everything obeys a strategy. For everything there is a reason and an argument that can be shared or not, but the line of action is defined and praised by all levels. It moves in a zone of security that has come from a job well done now and in the past. hardest moments of the pandemic. The leaders have assured the present and… the future, so much so that it is insisted that The arrival of Mbappé will not mean the departure of any player, except for express and personal wishes.. What’s more, some more players will arrive to finish shaping that of a dream team.

The same does not happen on the other side of the airlift. At Barcelona everything seems to be due to permanent improvisation due to the delicate economic situation it is going through. The last, the issue of own manufacturing of sportswear, something unprecedented and impossible to carry out, as MARCA has been able to confirm with specialists in the matter. They need liquidity that does not exist, hence the pressure on Nike. So much so, that there is talk of the forced sale of some players in order to register what is in the current squad, as is the case of Victor Roque. The commitment to the youth team is mandatory and the truth is that the young people respond.

The difference between both clubs is abysmal. They know it in Valdebebas and in the offices of the Barcelona entity. So much so, that Real Madrid has stopped seeing Barcelona as an enemy when it comes to competing for players. There is no color, no matter how much the Catalan entity strives to push situations and scenes of all kinds to the limit. The leaders of the white club are clear about it and What was previously a historic rivalry regarding transfers, Now it has become an unequal fight, with the Barça team a stone guest in the race in which other clubs such as the Manchester City, Liverpool, PSG o Chelsea.

Endrick, Güler, Mbappé… y Haaland

Vinicius, Rodrygo, Bellingham, Güler, Endrick, Mbappé… are some of the players who have been in the Camp Nou papers as possible signings, but all of them ended up turning their backs on Barcelona. And now they are playing with the courtship towards Haaland, when they themselves (leaders and sports director) know that it is impossible.

Of course Barcelona will return, but the numbers and the papers say that it is reinventing itself. There is no other. It will take some time, but reality dictates and until a few seasons from now, it will not be able to compete in the market and even more so if the Solutions are for the present and not thinking about the future.

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