Pustertal in the semifinals of the ICE Hockey League

The Pustertal Wolves qualified for the semi-finals for the first time in their third year in the win2day ICE Hockey League. The Italians prevailed 4-1 in the seventh quarter-final duel at Hydro Fehervar in Hungary on Saturday evening and won the “best of seven” series 4-3.

Pustertal will now play the semi-finals against KAC. The second pairing is Red Bull Salzburg against Bozen Südtirol Alperia. The semifinal series will be played starting next Tuesday.

Win2day ICE Hockey League, quarterfinals


Fehervar – Pustertal 1:4

(0:1 1:2 0:1)

Tore: Leavens (21st/PP) bzw. Morley (18th/PP), Sill (31st/PP), Akeson (34th), Casastull (51st).

Final score in the “Best of seven” series: 3:4

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