Pumas’ Viral Chant Causes Controversy at Mexican Tennis Open

The “new baton” of Pumas that Don Beto engineered has gone so viral that it reached the Mexican Tennis Open, however, it had consequences.

During the second set of the duel between the German Dominik Koepfer and the Dane Holger Rune, two fans shouted “CU, CU, Pumas!”, although the first time it generated laughter, the second time they did it, it caused consequences.

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The chair umpire heard the shout and reminded the crowd “this is not football, thank you.”

Minutes later, security elements acted and removed the fans who shouted “CU, CU, Pumas!”

In total there were three people who were asked by the police to leave the central stadium of the Arena GNP Seguros.

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2024-03-01 15:28:25
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