Pogacar’s way of running has revolutionized current cycling

Pogacar’s way of running has revolutionized current cycling

When Pogacar was asked in the Strade preview where he planned to attack, he mentioned the Sant Marie section.

More unfocused on the route, further from the finish line, This sterrato was the same one where gas was turned on two years agothen I was 50 from the finish line, this time, 80.

He made a spoiler of his own attacka transparency that says a lot about the runner whose legend we are seeing being built live.

He says he is going to attack there, he puts the team at full strength, Del Toro, Wellens, and he does it

A bet towards the void, where no one dares to step, a way of doing things from yesteryear that puts us before a dilemma: What is better? A timeless exhibition or a multi-faceted duel?

I prefer the latter, but of course, in the beauty of their ride lies the spectacle as something that will surely endure over the years.

What I wonder is What moves Pogacar in these foolish strategies on paper?.

They attack an eternity of goal, with the deluge over their heads, stretches of dirt, more risk on paper.

But none of that stops him, nothing scares him, he takes command and gives continuity to the game, entering a balance of glory and pain, in equal parts.

The difficulty of the feat is directly proportional to the desire you put into it and the risk you are willing to take.

An increasingly higher bar that I don’t know where he is willing to set.

The most unusual strategy will be the one Pogacar chooseslike when he made the walls of Flanders a port of the Tour, crushing from below each one or he ventured that afternoon in Gredos, when he signed his podium in the Vuelta.

The difficulty that Pogacar assumes does not appear in the Procyclingstatsbut his heart does remain among the people, like when he smiles going up through Siena, among the people who cheer him and seek to give him a high five.

Pogacar is everything, and no, I am not a fan boy, it is a reality that we see and enjoy in every race.

Long live this runner, his attitude, the charisma he exudes, and this is in his favor, and never to the detriment of anyone, not even Vingegaard, the guy many remember when the Slovenian explodes.

They are different, but sensational, the two toughest athletes in this sport.

To enjoy them.

Imagen: FB Strade Bianche

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