PGA Pavon and Perez await at Cognizant Classic

Disturbed by rain then interrupted by night, the 4th round of the Cognizant Classic was unable to reach its conclusion. There are three holes left to play for Matthieu Pavon (16th -10), while Victor Perez was about to begin his comeback (-9, 28th). Resumption of play this Monday.

For the first time since 2015, the Cognizant Classic will end on a Monday in Palm Beach, weather permitting. The choppy 4th round (a first stop of 3h28 because of the flood, a second final at night) disturbed many players, the conditions having obviously changed, not to mention the necessarily cut pace.

Before the rain, Matthieu Pavon had only played four holes (one birdie). He had difficulty getting back into it (bogeys at 6 and 7) before regaining fluidity (birdies at 8, 10, 13) and returning to the top 20 in an extremely dense ranking.

Fourth at the end of the third lap, Victor Perez had the chance to stay dry before the downpours. But he had difficulty finding the right sensations. Effect of delayed departure? Possible. Tarbais (28th) therefore slipped (bogeys at 2 and 5, birdie at 7) but still has 9 holes to play while the top 10 is only two shots away.


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