Pallacanestro Viagrande Dominates Game 1 of Play-off Semi-finals, Defeating San Matteo Messina 68-50

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Strong race approach, great clarity in at least three out of four halves and ample margins for growth up front. Pallacanestro Viagrande beats San Matteo Messina 68-50 and wins Game 1 of the play-off semi-finals.

Martina Lombardo

Il“PalaTomarchio” offered the usual frame of noisy passion to the girls trained by Tania Seino and applauding, during the long break, the young champions of the Under 14 team, coached by Gianni Catanzaro, awarded by the President of FIP Sicily, Cristina Correnti and by the councilor of FIP Sicily, Davide Santangelo. The Viagrandesi’s approach to the game made the difference, with the home team taking a 16-5 lead in the first few minutes. It takes the Messina team a while to shake themselves off and in the final part of the half they manage to close the gap to 21-15 at the first siren. In the second quarter the Etna team were led by Martina Lombardo who found her usual competitive fury, transformed into points with two centers from beyond the arc, while Clara Mertz asserted her physicality under her.

The partial, characterized by the Viagrandesi’s poor shooting precision from the line, ended at 42-24 overall. The recovery starts with Viagrande on the attack again. Mertz’s two centers and Scordino’s sharp shot give Etna the +24 advantage (48-24). Messina, without Raffaele and Cosenza, disqualified, relies mainly on the size of Kazantseva, who knows how to assert herself under the basket. In the second part of the half it was again Martina Lombardo, on target with an excellent “3+2” to further widen the Viagrandese lead which came close to 30 points (59-30). The penultimate siren sounds at 61-35. In the last quarter the guests try to force themselves, led by an effective Ludovica Arigò who scored 8 points. Viagrande lowers the intensity and leaves more space for the rivals who, despite imposing themselves in the partial (7-15 overall), are unable to reopen the practice. It ends 68-50. Game 2 will be scheduled for Thursday 4 April, at the home of the Messina team.

After the race coach Tania Seino comments: “I must say that we made an excellent approach to the race, the girls were immediately focused. In the first and second quarter they did exactly what I asked of them, moving the ball around a lot. We managed to have easy shots for this very reason, following the prepared schemes. We dropped a lot in the last partial, where we had some misunderstandings. Messina has changed the way he defends, moving from zone to man. We were unable to understand this passage. I had asked for a time out to explain to the girls what to do, but we couldn’t do it well. Overall, though, the team followed me. During the week we worked a lot on the attack, because in defense we are able to do something more. Going forward we simply need to be more calm. Now we wait for Game 2, at their home. We cannot give up or let our guard down. We must maintain concentration, the same desire to win. Especially because we will be away from home and, when you are away from home, the situation can get heavy. I expect a lot from girls”.

VIAGRANDE BASKETBALL: Hvichiani 7; Lombard 14; Scordino 11; Mertz 16; Spampinato 6; Scalia; Distefano 3; The Manna 6; Bosio 5; Catanzaro. Coach: Tania Seino.
SAN MATTEO MESSINA: Morabito; Hinge 4; Ingrassia 3; Kazantseva 11; Cascio 4; Of God 9; Arigò 8; Melita 9; Sahin 2. Coach: Simona Grillo.
Partials: 21-15; 42-24; 61-35.
Referees: Giorgio Palazzolo (Partinico, PA); Marco Guzzardi (Palermo).

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