Novak Djokovic Enjoys California Activities Before Indian Wells Return

As he prepares to return to the courts in Indian Wells (March 6-17), Novak Djokovic is enjoying various activities in California (among others, meeting singer Katy Perry). On Saturday, the 36-year-old Serbian tennis player went to Los Angeles to follow live the game in which the Nuggets beat the Lakers at home, with an outstanding performance by his compatriot Nikola Jokic.

“I have come to enjoy basketball, a sport that I love. Of course, I appreciate the greatness of LeBron and Nikola Jokic,” said Djokovic, in statements reported on the official ATP website. “It’s huge. He is one of the best athletes we have had in the history of Serbian sports. What he has achieved in the last three years is impressive, not only for Serbian basketball but for European basketball, playing in the strongest league in the world. He is someone incredible, I adore him as a person,” added the one from Belgrade, who came to the pavilion with slightly tinted glasses.

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Djokovic and Jokic greeted each other warmly on the court, in the presence of former NBA player, also Serbian, Vlado Divac, who is accompanying Novak these days. A few days ago they went together to watch the soccer match between LA Galaxy, the team in which world number one Dejan Jolveljic’s countryman plays, and Inter Miami.

Jokic, who scored 35 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and handed out seven assists against LeBron James’ Lakers, praised Djokovic: “They see him as a winner,” said the Denver center. “He has put our country on the map many times.”

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