Norman Powell’s Epic Dunk Against Minnesota Timberwolves Goes Down in NBA History

Contest dunks in the middle of the game are a rare bird in the NBA. Therefore, the one of Norman Powell, guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, against the Minnesota Timberwolves in a counterattack will go to the gallery of the best moments of the season. Powell ran the counterattack perfectly and despite not being a very big player (1.93 meters tall) he closed the action with a grinder.

The matte is beautiful and aesthetic. Powell nails the tempo of the dunk to finish after the grinder with the ball. A moment that deserves to be the best play of the night. Worthy of the dunk contest in which the smallest players take spotlights after finishing plays complicated with as much violence as skill.

Did they tell me something? I don’t believe it

Norman Powell

“I told them that if I had the option I would make a grind. They started playing very hard and I had to do something. Did they tell me something? I don’t believe it“Powell said about his action

2024-03-04 08:46:02
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