Nicolas Batum Reflects on Trade as he Prepares to Face Former Team, the Clippers

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

Today at the 76ers, Nicolas Batum will return to the Clippers this Sunday evening, with the firm intention of causing problems for his former team. He spoke about this reunion in a recent interview.

A special match is coming up for Nicolas Batum this Sunday. A few months after his trade from the Clippers to the 76ers, the Frenchman returned to his former team, obviously wanting to win. It won’t be easy given the situation, since Joel Embiid remains out for several weeks, while Tyronn Lue’s men must continue their successes in the West.

Nicolas Batum looks back on his trade

Despite this, Batum hopes to make a good impression against his former franchise. No revenge for the winger, aware that he is part of a simple business in which trade is a possibility. In an interview with the ClutchPoints site, Batman admits, however, that this trade was difficult for him to digest.

Nicolas Batum : “Of course (if the trade was the most difficult of his career). Especially because it took place during the season. I have two children at school and a wife. Everything is in place, and you don’t really prepare for it. When I heard rumors about a trade, I wasn’t supposed to be a part of it. But you have to do your job, even if I never asked to leave. »

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Finding yourself in this situation when someone else is asking for your trade? It’s different. I had nothing to do with any of that, but it’s the NBA. This is what we get paid for. That’s the bad part. But I also landed in a good team. I still have a role and I still act. It’s not like I ended up on the bench. I play and I am a starter. I can not complain.

The Batum trade was still difficult to digest, despite arriving at the Sixers. A team with the ambition of winning the title and which will have a great opportunity… provided obviously that Embiid does not take too long to return to the floor.

“I was really thinking about retiring from the Clippers. I joined the project and you know what I think of Ty Lue. If he wasn’t there, I would have retired four years ago. I still play and my children have the chance to see me play. (…) The Clippers moved on by recovering a very good player, and I understand this part of the business, because I am just a “role player”.

Obviously disappointed with his trade, Nicolas Batum still feels lucky to have landed with the 76ers, a franchise which remains very ambitious within the Eastern Conference. The Frenchman could have found much worse after his trade.

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