National Basketball Coach Gordon Herbert Meets Chancellor Olaf Scholz after World Cup Triumph in Manila

National Basketball Coach Gordon Herbert Meets Chancellor Olaf Scholz after World Cup Triumph in Manila

It was one of the pieces of news that national coach Gordon Herbert (65) was most happy about after his basketball players’ World Cup triumph in Manila, Philippines.

After the final win against Serbia on September 10, 2023, the Canadian received a congratulatory text message from Chancellor Olaf Scholz (65), revealing at the time: “When I woke up, I suddenly had a message from Mr. Scholz on my cell phone. I read it, which was a bit difficult for me because he wrote in German. I couldn’t believe I got a message from the Chancellor! I couldn’t sleep again after that.”

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Herbert: “I was always a big fan of Chancellor Merkel. But Scholz is also one of the best leaders in the world.”

The two recently met in person for the first time. Scholz had invited Herbert to the Federal Chancellery for a discussion. The politician and the athlete sat together for around 40 minutes.

Schröder in the Brooklyn Nets jersey

Photo: Morry Gash/dpa

The national coach presented Scholz with a jersey from national team captain Dennis Schröder (30/Brooklyn Nets) with the signatures of all the world champions. And the illustrated book “A Night of Gold” (208 pages, 49 euros) about the sensational triumph in Asia.

Herbert had specially dressed up in a suit for his visit to the Chancellery. He usually prefers casual clothing.

Olaf Scholz now has a Dennis Schröder jersey

Now he is talking about the meeting for the first time, telling BILD: “I was really surprised when the invitation came. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life, for me Scholz is one of the greatest politicians in the world.”

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Source: DYN MEDIA 24.03.2024

And further: “It was a great personal conversation with the Chancellor. He came across as very authentic. Like a person who is genuinely interested in the person they are talking to. We talked about a whole range of topics. I can say I was very impressed with him.”

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