More about the bad loss of ‘El Mundo’ with Silvia Intxaurrondo

A few more things about the hostilities ofThe world against the journalist Silvia Intxaurrondo, whose reputation they denigrated with a headline (erroneous or, at the very least, extremely imprecise) in which they suggested that TVE had awarded her with a contract of more than half a million euros for having sweat Feijóo in his last electoral interview. The fact that they oversee that a journalist detects a lie by a political leader and exposes it already gives clues about the medium’s moral compass.

The issue is that, apart from being late and wrong, the newspaper has started a smear campaign against her. This headline is an example: “‘El mejor de la historia’, the program of 25,000 euros per episode for Silvia Intxaurrondo, collapses in audience”. It is true that the hearing meters are not accompanying him at all, but the credibility of the reporting media is lost when he only talks about someone to criticize him. Because it turns out that, while this space for historical dissemination certainly produces bad results, Intxaurrondo signed at the beginning of March its best result of the year for the daily program The time of 1 (15.2% share, including the simultaneous broadcast on the 24-hour channel). Silencing this data is bad journalism, because you rob the reader of context. But, clearly, you don’t want to admit that Intxaurrondo is defending the disputed morning slot very well for the public, because he sent you a burofax asking you to correct it seriously and not with subterfuges and half-tones. It is also bad journalism to say that three members of the Board of Directors of RTVE support your information without clarifying whether all three are at the proposal of the PP, since this is a factor that would help to calibrate the value of their testimony. Everything is too much for trench journalism, which does not seek the truth but the overthrow.

2024-03-10 20:37:44
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