Matteo Darmian, the normal champion

We are aware of our qualities, but we also know that we must not be satisfied, we must continue to work as we are doing because nothing is closed yet”. Talk like this Matthew Darmianscorer of the first of the four goals with which Inter won against Atalanta.

Eleventh consecutive victory between the Championship, Italian Super Cup and Champions League. First place +12 from Juventus, an increasingly important state of form, a technical supremacy that is increasingly evident. Just think of Matteo Darmian, someone who every year is given as a luxury reserve, as a prestigious bench player. And yet he continues to be a pillar of Inter: last year he made 48 appearances in 2 matches, two years ago he scored 2 goals in 36 matches. This year we have 32 appearances and the first goal is precisely the one against the Goddess. But knowing Darmian, he has no intention of stopping.

Matteo Darmian. Photo Font: Transfermarkt

The beginnings, between Rescaldina and Milan

Darmian’s first kicks are a Warm up, 15 thousand inhabitants in the province of Milan. “It’s a small town where I grew up, I come back often. It’s nice to go back to the origins, to see historical friends with whom I share a lot”. The first coach is his father, Giovanni, who supports Fiorentina but is unable to convince his son. In his head there is the Milanwhere he arrived at the age of 11 and where he remained until 2009. His idol? Clarence Seedorf. His role? Midfielder. “I started playing as a midfielder, then I moved further back and just as scoring can be the greatest joy for attackers, for a defender saving a goal is the best thing you can do”.

Matthew Darmian. Photo Source: Internews

Between basketball, tennis and the Premier League

After Milan, the most important stage is the Torino, where he made 150 appearances and scored 6 goals. Numbers that are worth the call nothing less than Manchester Unitedwhere the technician wants it Louis van Gaal. 39 appearances in his first season, before the collapse with the arrival of José Mourinho, who preferred Valencia to him. After four years at the Red Devils, he decides to return to Italy, first Parmathen the big leap, again, toInter.

Not just football, however, in Darmian’s mind, who is also a great fan of tennis and above all of basket, especially from Olimpia Milano and the Lakers. With a little one curiosity related to books, great passion of the Inter full-back. Rescaldina’s librarian, Mario Domina, puts away the boxes and finds a certificate. It says “Superlettore 1999” and, underneath, Darmian’s name. “I don’t remember which books he chose – he told Il Giorno – but if I’m not mistaken there was a small manual entitled Ready, go…everyone likes to be champions”.

To everyone, even Darmian. Which however remained the same as Rescaldina. A normal sample.

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