Mariló found condoms and ‘dildos’ after renting her house in Mallorca for a reality show

Mariló’s mother was born in Huelva but at a very young age she went to live in Mallorca. Once there, she dedicated herself to working in a house like cleaner and managed to amass enough money to create a great business with which he would achieve his dreams. Loli created a service company of cleaning that came to be 1,200 employeesalthough she is already retired.

In the house where she worked as a cleaner in her youth, Loli told us: “One day I talked to my wife and I made him a promise and I told him that one day I will buy this house and although they took it as a joke, here it is.” Years later and after creating a large company, Loli achieved it and ended up buying the house of her dreams, a house where she had worked as a cleaner and what does it cost €1,850 per night and what’s in the garden a mountain whole.

Currently, Loli and her husband are retired and the one manage the rental of this huge house with a mountain, is his daughter Mariló. She herself showed us around the house and told us some things. curiosities of the house, like the mountain on its grounds or the special decoration it has, chosen by her mother and her.

While they were walking through the garden of the house, the reporter asked Loli: “Have you used this house for anything else?” or just for vacation rentals?”, to which Mariló responded: “Yes, last year A German reality show was filmed here and we found many things, let our imagination fly.”

After this revelation and upon seeing the gestures that Mariló made, the reporter asked her: “But what kind of things?” and Mariló responded: “Sexual things, condoms everywhere, behind the sofas, under the cushions, a lot of underwear and even a dildo.”

Finally, Mariló revealed that for renting the house for the production of this reality show, they paid her 30.000 euros and he showed us a jacuzzi and said with a laugh: “They sure had a great time here.”


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