Marco Maddaloni: The Emotional Abandonment from Big Brother

New abandonment at Big Brother. We are talking about Marco Maddaloni, the Judo champion, after temporarily leaving the Cinecittà house due to the death of his father-in-law, returned to the reality show to communicate his final decision to his adventure companions. So, in the episode aired last night, March 4, he decided to leave reality TV forever.

The abandonment of Marco Maddaloni

“Marco Maddaloni left due to a serious bereavement and preferred to be close to his family in such a delicate moment. He will communicate to the tenants tonight if he will be back in the game.”, these were the words of Alfonso Signorini at the beginning of the episode. Then, the long-awaited moment arrived. However, before communicating his decision to the competitors, the champion wanted to clarify: “My father in law he was like a father. I joined the family 15 years ago and they have always treated me like a son”.

It is at this point that Marco entered the house, where he found his companions frozen. Once he reached the center of the living room, turning to them, with great emotion, he stated: “How much I missed you. I apologize, I left in a hurry. My father-in-law passed away. He was like a father, the light side of the family. I managed to say goodbye to him and the last words he said to me were: ‘What are you doing here? Go back to the house”. Then he added: “My sporting side would also like to continue accompanying you on this wonderful journey, but it is an important moment for my wife. I don’t want to miss her tears, her pain. I want to stay there and share them with them. I have to go to my family. I’ve always told you about it. I would be a hypocrite and I would suffer to stay in here.”. Finally, the inevitable conclusion: “Guys, I abandon you”. The reaction of the tenants was immediate and, in tears, they went towards him to hug him.

The sudden exit from reality TV

On the evening of Wednesday 28 February, immediately after the live broadcast of Big Brother, Maddaloni had suddenly left the house. At first, the most attentive had hypothesized that he had left the game to review the conditions foreseen by his contractsince – as is now known – the reality is running for a long time and, therefore, later than the initially scheduled closing date.

However, unfortunately, the reason was much more serious. In fact, a few hours later, the news of the death of his wife Romina Giamminelli’s father spread which the judoka promptly remembered with a message published on Instagram: “A man never dies if there is someone who remembers him. You were a second father to me, you welcomed me into your family 15 years ago and since then I have been treated just like a son. And every time I needed family affection I found refuge in your house. I will miss our endless Sunday lunches. I’ll miss that whole piece of the world a bit. Rest in peace “On” Mario”.

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