Marco Maddaloni Reveals His Monthly Earnings and Big Brother Predictions

Marco Maddaloni Reveals His Monthly Earnings and Big Brother Predictions

Marco Maddaloni was one of the protagonists of this edition of Big Brother. The former judo champion had to give up his participation in the reality show due to the sudden death of his father-in-law to whom he was particularly close and Marco chose to stay close to his family and wife who were suffering from the loss of him at the time.

Maddaloni has won 2 reality shows out of 3 (Pechino Express and L’Isola dei Famosi), so he knows well how the dynamics work within these programs and in a recent interview with Chi he revealed who wins in his opinion and the reason that pushed him to agree to take part in the Big Brother cast: i money.

Let’s find out what he revealed.

Marco Maddaloni reveals his monthly earnings

Marco Maddaloni bluntly spoke about who he thinks will win Big Brother and the reason that pushed him to participate.

“Who will win? Beatrice, or Giuseppe, I see Perla as very strong in terms of votes. I’ve been told a few times that I’m a bit of a strategist, but it’s different, I like probability calculations, in general I go crazy for calculations, every time I took part in a reality show the only objective was to last as long as possible to earn money more,” he revealed Marco, «I say that’s why I went. Well, as a sportsman I have the titles, but I’m not a footballer and I like the good life. In the sense that I like going out to eat with my wife, I like the idea of ​​my children being in the pool, but since I’m not a footballer… Then the money I invested it in real estate, but there were periods in which I lived in 60 m2 of attic with my three children to rent the rest of the house and have an income.”

Maddaloni also told how much he earned before his participation on the Island: «How much do I earn as a judo champion? Now nothing, before the island I received 1,400 euros a month from the prison police.”

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