Jørgen Strand Larsen hopes to improve his records to put himself on the market this summer

Celta Vigo striker Jørgen Strand Larsen (Halden, Norway, 2000), currently concentrating with his national team, has opened the door to a possible departure from the celestial club this summer. In statements collected by the media NRK, the striker expressed his desire to take a step forward away from Vigo in his sporting career.

“Summer is a long time away, so The goal is to score in every game. until then. If I can do it, it could be a fun summer.“Larsen stated in reference to his possible departure from Celta.

The Norwegian forward, who has emerged as a scorer – 10 goals – in his second season in Vigo, expressed his ambition to play for a higher level team. “I myself know that I have a lot to develop. I haven’t played on a good team yet., so my goal is to reach a club that is not always inferior when there is a match. Then I think you will be able to see the even greater potential that I have inside,” he declared.

Regarding possible interest from other European clubs in signing him, Larsen commented: “There is no interest that I know of, but I’m not stupid. I understand how it works. So I think that a 24-year-old striker who has scored ten goals in LaLiga will arouse interest. And I know that my agents, Tore Pedersen and Patrick Ferreira, have everything under control. So they’re probably working on mobilizing for the summer, and then I’ll just do what I can. That is, perform with the national team and with the club teams until then.”

The Norwegian, who joined Celta in the summer of 2022 from Groningen for a sum close to 12.5 million euros, has been a key player in the Galician team this season. Is the team’s top scorer with ten goals and he has been a starter with both Rafa Benítez and Claudio Giráldez. And although he has not spared a drop of sweat wearing the Celta shirt and has always shown to have a special connection with the stands, he has never hidden his predilection for the Premier League and his love for Liverpool.

His coach asks him not to be in a hurry

On the other hand, his coach, Ståle Solbakken, has advised Larsen to be cautious before leaving Vigo in 2024: “He must think carefully. […] I think Celta could easily be a mid-table team in Spain next year. Then Jørgen will play at a very high level.” In fact, the coach has recounted the conversation he had with the sky-blue goalscorer. “Don’t jump to something that is necessarily better, or where you think the grass is greener, once you have a position in your club,” he told Larsen.

Weeks ago, Celta’s sports director, Marco Garcés had already speculated in February about the possible sale of Larsen, valuing the Norwegian at 25 million euros. “We believe that this is not the time to sell, but probably, in the summer it will be a good opportunity to make one of these sales that allow you to have economic stability. It is no secret to anyone that the season that Larsen is having is quite striking. Surely the offers we are waiting for will come,” Garcés stated before the media.

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