Iván Pérez and Tomás Medina crown the UD Youth and kneel Suso Santana’s Tenerife – La Provincia

The Teide ogre knelt before the evidence. An exercise in pure yellow supremacy. The Honor Division of the OUT Las Palmas won (3-0) against Suso Santana’s CD Tenerife and won the regional title of the under 19 category. In the absence of giving it the mathematical aspect -four points are missing-, which will take place in the next few days, the yellows, led by Santi Lampón, were much superior and took the lead after thirteen minutes with a goal from Iván Pérez.

Lampón, in the background. Firstly, Suso Santana. / THE PROVINCE / DLP

The right winger took advantage of Adrián’s lateral cross to push the ball into the net before a shower of legs. Already in the second act and twice, the top scorer of the Canario Group, Tomás Medina, scored a double to claim all the prominence.

The first goal, showing his sense of smell and in the second, after taking advantage of a rebound from the goalkeeper of the Chicharrero club Mariano. David Rodríguez’s maximum penalty shot was blocked by the goalkeeper and there appeared the new star of the nursery.

Abu, during the first act in the Youth derby. / THE PROVINCE / DLP

From the order and physical power, the yellows led the way and only struggled in the first half. At 16′, Guille Martín had a very clear shot and at 19′, Valentín Pezzolesi tried from almost the center of the field and almost surprised the visiting goalkeeper Mariano Domínguez. Sergio Viera (34′) was able to achieve the sentence and Christian Hernández missed a chocolate shot from the edge of the area.

Sergio and Valentino Raca were two walls of reinforced concrete. They made Dylan Godoy desperate, who was taken off at half-time. Suso, very energetic in the band, tried to modify the sign of the pulse and the story with two changes at halftime. She drowned in her protests to the referee in a gesture of useless fury. He was of no use to her. In the Honor Division yellow rules and Tomás Medina is the new king. The predator who brought the ogre of Teide to its knees. Las Palmas de Lampón is crowned in a magnificent year and will fight for the Champions Cup.

Abu, who made his debut with Pimienta at Heliodoro – in the bloody Copa del Rey tie of 4-E (2-0) -, He was a starter at UD and left flashes of his power in the midfield. He was not the most prominent of a yellow box full of poets in the attack.

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