Gresini pays tribute to Márquez by bringing a goat (GOAT) to the circuit

Gresini pays tribute to Márquez by bringing a goat (GOAT) to the circuit

The start of the MotoGP World Championship, this weekend, in the Losail circuitin Dohathe capital of Qataris causing a multitude of interpretations and, above all, many hot spots to turn the first grand prix of the season into a true event, not only because of its competitive relevance but also because of the number of great champions that come together on the grid. the highest category.

It is evident that the strongest impact of this start of the season, together with the presence of two-time champion Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati) or the brilliant behavior of the ‘rookie’ Pedro Acosta (GasGas)already Moto3 and Moto2 champion, focuses on the change of motorcycle, team and proposal that is the protagonist Marc Márquez Alentáthe eight-time motorcycling world champion, who tomorrow will debut his ‘old’ Ducati ‘Desmosedici’, as it is the 2023 model, in the first official training sessions for the Qatar GP.

Always Jordan

Márquez, whom many already consider the best driver of all time, described by Italian critics as ‘Il Cannibal’has also received the nickname ‘GOAT’that is to say, Greatest Of All Time, The best of all time. It is true that the adjective, that monstrous and striking nickname, arose to recognize the genius and worth of the impressive Michael Jordan. It is evident that types such as Leo Messi o Tiger Woods or, looking back, the no less apotheotic Muhammad Alia true legend and myth of boxing, sport and life.

Fun at the top

With the first weekend of the World Cup arriving, the team Nadia Padovanithe widow of champion Fausto Gresini who has inherited not only his team, but also his family and competitive spirit, wanted to pay tribute, and who knows whether to thank, the commitment that MM93 has done for one of the most modest teams on the MotoGP grid, with the presence this Thursday, at the Losail track, of a goat (goat, in English), which has shared symbolism with Márquez.

Marc Márquez jokes, after having greeted a goat, with his brother Alex, on the right, and two members of the Gresini team. / GRESINI RACING TEAM

The eldest of the Márquez family, who already had a great time last Wednesday, participating in numerous games and entertainment with his brother Alex in the Lusail Winter Wonderlandwas surprised by the idea of ​​Team Gresini and, without a doubt, thanked the recognition despite the fact that he insists that, for the moment, he is far from recovering the determination that, four years ago, earned him, in effect, being considered a true GOAT.

“The Gresini team is a family-oriented, fun team that puts a lot of thought into everything it does to respond to that wonderful and funny attitude that helps take pressure off this complicated world of ours,” says Márquez after greeting the goat of the ‘team’. “It seems to me that they are making a story for our social networks and, suddenly, I saw myself, yes, with this ‘goat’ in the middle of our ‘paddock’ and I even found it funny. It’s great to have a good time before the GP starts, really.”

“I know where I am. I know the decision I have made. I know what I want to do. I know the steps but, above all, what I don’t want is to panic. Little by little”

Marc Márquez

— Piloto del Gresini Racing Team

MM93, who was asked about his chances in the World Cup that starts in Qatar, was extremely sincere throughout the talk with the Spanish journalists who traveled to Doha. “I’m fine, with great enthusiasm, with less butterflies in the stomach than in previous years and all this for a simple reason: I know the step I have taken, I know what my goals are this year and I know that I must prepare for everything. And when I say everything it’s for good, bad and horrible days. I wouldn’t be surprised to be on the front row of the grid one day and, shortly after, on the fourth or fifth row. I only know that first I have to get used to my new role, the bike, my team and, above all, reduce the expectations of all my fans and even of you. No, I’m not going to go out to win, I’m going to go out to compete, to have fun and if I can finish sixth, I certainly won’t finish seventh. The important thing is not to panic.”

Márquez, who openly laughed at those rumors that say that his right arm, specifically his humerus, has given him problems this preseason (“If I wasn’t well, I wouldn’t have done the tests I did”), celebrates that the World Cup is now starting “because I want, like everyone, to measure myself against the favorites.” And to reinforce his thesis that he is not part of the favorites for the title (at the moment), he pointed out: “I am at the second press conference. If I were one of the favorites I would have appeared in the first one, where Jorge (Martín) appeared. , ‘Pecco’ (Bagnaia) and Marco (Bezzecchi)”.

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