Gerard Piqué Reveals Top Choices for Barça Bench if Xavi Hernández Departs

03/17/2024 Act. at 18:10 CET

Gerard Piqué is quite clear about the options he would choose for the Barça bench in the event that Xavi Hernández keeps his word and leaves the club at the end of the season. The former Blaugrana player told ‘TimesSport’ that he would prioritize a coach who knew the house: “There are two that are obvious: Guardiola because he had a past here and is the best coach at the moment and Mikel Arteta. He would also be a good coach because he understands Barça and played here in the past.”

Piqué, despite everything, is in favor of Xavi remaining in the team because he knows the house and believes that he still has a long way to go at the club. In this same interview, the former centre-back suggests that Xavi could stay depending on how the season ends and he believes it would be the best for everyone.

The defender defends that “perhaps the decision that Xavi has made is not one hundred percent. I think he will stay. I want the best for him because it will be the best for the club.” Piqué revealed that he has had several conversations with Xavi in ​​recent times, so he does not rule out a change of direction on the Blaugrana bench.

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