France-Chile (3-2): “Mbappé whistled? It’s disappointing, to say the least,” regrets Didier Deschamps

Better ahead, still doubts behind. The Blues won (3-2) against Chile this Tuesday evening in Marseille in a friendly, three days after the defeat against Germany (0-2) in Lyon. If they showed some enthusiasm offensively despite a lackluster Kylian Mbappé, they still offered a lot of generosity to the opponent. At a press conference, Didier Deschamps, the national coach, came to deliver his analysis at the end of this international sequence.

What do you remember from this gathering, nothing or still lessons?

DIDIER DESCHAMPS. (Ironic) You are optimistic! I’m not going to jump to the ceiling tonight. It’s good to have won. Scoring three goals is always good. But we’ll take two more. It is linked to the level of fitness which is not optimal, from an energy point of view. There were a lot of concerns for everyone. I was a player too. There are deadlines behind it. They were a bit in management. They did what was necessary before and they will have to do differently in June. We will need to have freshness.

Have you resolved any uncertainties with a view to the list of 23?

There are additional answers. The objective was to put all the outfield players in a situation. 18 of 20 started one of the two games. With my staff, we are always anticipating. There were no uncertainties before. Much more will be needed in June.

You have always placed your trust in Randal Kolo Muani, who has reciprocated it…

More than you ! It’s his merit! Randal was fresh, I spoke with him too. There is his positioning, his speed and percussion qualities. He can still do better. Players are used to doing things at their club, but I ask them different things. Not necessarily offensively but also defensively. I’m happy for him. Bravo to him! He did everything right. He has the potential and confidence is very important too.

“Some managed, didn’t take risks”

You insist on fitness. Why more this time than in other years?

This March gathering was more difficult than the previous ones. Definitely the buildup. The season starts early. Players arrived with problems. Some have very important stakes behind them. It’s not that they don’t want to, but they managed, didn’t take risks and with this state of mind, two players got injured, which doesn’t make you want to take risks. In the qualifying phase, they did what was necessary. In Germany, when it didn’t really matter, they managed. The defensive rigor was not good in this rally. I didn’t do anything about it, either. I changed the four players behind each time to the detriment of the automatisms.

What inspires you about Poland’s qualification for the Euro, which is joining your group?

Our group will be dense and solid. Austria scored six. We had already been shaken by Austria in the League of Nations. We will have to be at our best level. Adversity in pool is high. You will have to be on top.

“Don’t worry, in the next matches, Kylian will be there”

Kylian Mbappé remained silent about this gathering. How do you explain it?

Explain, I can’t explain. Ask him, he has appeared before the press twice. Kylian has this ability to be decisive very often. When he doesn’t score two games, it feels like it’s been going on for three months. Don’t worry, in the next matches he will be there. It is also a bit manageable given the deadlines. If I also have to worry about Kylian… He has this ability to be dangerous in all matches but he has had few situations to improve.

Were you annoyed that he was whistled at?

I’m not surprised unfortunately. Everyone knows the rivalry and Sunday’s game. It shouldn’t, it’s the French team. This is not specific to Marseille. This happens to other players in the provinces. In competition, here, there is no problem. There, it’s friendly and there’s the match on Sunday. Come on, I’ll be nice, it’s disappointing to say the least.


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