Financial Situation of Badminton Circles in Denmark: A 2021 Overview

Now we are approaching the circles’ annual meetings.

Badminton in the Kingdom of Denmark is divided between Badminton Denmark, DGI, 7 independent circles and approximately 700 clubs.

Just a reminder of the circles’ financial situation and what their money is used for.

Here are some numbers that I found 2021….not so easily from all Kredse, whose web pages in some places could easily use updates!

NOTE! My comments below are also from 2021!

▪️Badminton Lolland Falster
Equity 2018: 254,602
Equity 2019: 235,926
2019: Net expenditure in USU (expenses-revenues) 30,819. Of this, 22,135 for trainers at youth circle training.

▪️Badminton Central Jutland
Liquid assets: 1,087,115
1.068.956 (2018)
Last forms: 1,234,735
(2018: 1.239.310)
Expenses for administration: total 256,303 (office salary: 181,000, management arrangements etc.: 30,418)

▪️Badminton North Jutland.
Last forms: 425,988.
Liquid assets: 406,558.

▪️Badminton Southern Jutland
No accounting figures on website!
Equity 2019: 229,804
Equity 2018: 241,555

▪️Badminton Zealand
The latest accounting figures on the website are from 2011!
Liquid assets: 1,073,021.
Equity: 1,003,362.
Expenses, Office and administration: 429,004.

▪️Badminton Copenhagen
No accounting figures for 2019 on the website! However, profit for 2019 is disclosed: 107,000.
Bank balance: 838,938 (2015: 691,115)
Equity: 720,801 (2015: 738,287)
Administration team tournament: 95,919.
Consultant: 182,800.
Salary to employee: 227,500.

▪️Badminton Funen
Liquid assets/equity:
2019: 446.534.
2018: 423.507.
2017: 393.438.
2011: 326.692.

Shouldn’t we all agree that the circles’ assets should be primarily spent on youth and coaches in the entire area within the individual circle?

Link to original article from February 26, 2021

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