FC Bayern: Thomas Müller – “Nothing makes me confident at the moment”

Bundesliga after Bayern bankruptcy

“Nothing makes me confident at the moment,” Müller puts his finger in the wound

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The bitter defeat against Dortmund hurts FC Bayern – and does not give much hope for the Champions League task at Arsenal in London. Thomas Müller finds clear words. Stefan Effenberg sees fundamental problems with the record champions.

After the mood was severely dampened in the German Clásico, national player Joshua Kimmich appealed to the stars of FC Bayern Munich. “We have two days off now. Everyone has a little time to think about it. We should really use the two days so that everyone questions themselves a little about whether that was everything today. I am convinced that it wasn’t that, that we can’t perform like that and that it won’t help us move forward,” said Kimmich after the 2-0 loss at home to Borussia Dortmund.

“I think everyone should want to win games. It’s always more fun when you win games. It’s more positive for everyone when we win games. We still have the Champions League, we have a European Championship at the end of the season,” said Kimmich. “Even if the championship is a long way off, there are still reasons why it is worth playing well.” Given that they are 13 points behind league leaders Bayer Leverkusen, winning the championship is only theoretical. But everything is possible in the Champions League.

Coach Thomas Tuchel was dismayed at the unexpected drop in performance of his team. “I thought we couldn’t go back to that point. “I obviously wasn’t right,” said the 50-year-old. “We actually went there again today where we gave away a game and didn’t know exactly how it happened.” This was the case repeatedly during the season.

Müller practices self-criticism

“We didn’t see that we really wanted it,” said Thomas Müller, who represented the injured Manuel Neuer as captain. With a view to the last real chance for the title in the Champions League, in which the quarter-final duel with Arsenal FC begins in just over a week, Müller explained: “Nothing makes me confident at the moment, but as soon as we go back to the game on Tuesday Get in training, everything. That’s how business is. We can justifiably completely dismantle our performance today and still put in a great performance again in the next game.”

Thomas Müller demands a reaction after the bankruptcy against BVB

Source: dpa/Tom Weller

Former Bayern captain Stefan Effenberg is extremely critical of the situation at the record champions after the defeat against BVB. “The bottom line is that it was a bitter blow for Bayern Munich,” said the ex-national player on Sunday in “One-two” on Sport1. The 2-0 loss against Dortmund was “disappointing, definitely”.

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Effenberg, who won the Champions League as a player with Bayern, no longer sees unity among the record champions – but coach Tuchel is not the only culprit. “One thing is the coach, but then you also have to question the players,” said Effenberg. He agrees when it is said, “It looked like a test match, like a preparatory game. Bayer didn’t really accept it.”


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