Easter arrives with fishing, mini-tourism and 4×4 experiences on your March Weekend

one arrives Holy Week that is combined with the April 2 holiday and from your Weekend magazine we prepare you a lot of proposals to take advantage of these extra vacations with which you start the year doing what you like most.

In fishingwe reveal to you the least known places on the Mar del Plata coast, strategic points that have been performing very well and that are offered as a very good option before the arrival of the last long weekend of the varied fishing season. And we also went looking the first arrows from the station in La Boca lagoon (former San Lorenzo). Located about 180 km from the Federal Capital, it has good services and is abundant in qualified species such as the mullet.
We also fish river tigers and tarariras in the same day. And the taruchas without using a boat, a rarity in this and perhaps several seasons. Techniques and equipment. We relieve the Paraná of ​​La Paz just before the next surubí contest. Large number of catches but of specimens that do not exceed five kilos.

In the Patagonia, we arrive at Laguna Larga, a surprising area, with very different characteristics from other mirrors in the region. Inhabited only by brown trout and where you can catch category specimens.
And in Brazil we live unforgettable sunrises in Guarajubaa beautiful beach in the northeast, close to Salvador, is ideal for combining family rest with the most diverse options for shore sport catches.

In turismowe met silos that long ago they stored corn, wheat or sunflower and now accommodate passengers in Marcos Paz, less than 60 km from the Federal Capital. We travel to the deep Tierra del Fuego with a car tour, crossing the Strait of Magellan to cross the Big Island to Tolhuin, Puerto Almanza and Cabo San Pablo. We also rediscover Uspallata as entry land to the Cordillera. Mountain town that offers a series of nearby places to discover and enjoy.

And we travel to Panama to immerse ourselves fully in its nature upon reaching the Buenaventura beach in the Pacific Ocean, which offers both recreational activities and relaxation for those who seek it, along with an unforgettable gourmet experience.
The 4×4 adventure was summit the Payún Matrú volcano, the first off-road ascent in more than 15 years to 3,680 meters above sea level. Located in La Payunia, Mendoza, It included a tour through the bowels of Malacara, fording the Atuel River and a visit to the ghostly abandoned hotel of El Sosneado. We also did trekking by meseta del Somuncurá, in the midst of the most exquisite solitude of Rio Negro.

We tested the Honda BF 200D and BF 250D engines, the new outboards that are already available in Argentina. We show you the winners of the Shoot Show 2024 that was made in Las Vegas, and we review the origin and history ofl calibre .22 LR, which was born more than 100 years ago and is still valid for sports shooting and training, due to its low cost and versatility even for special forces.
You’re thinking about buy you a mobile home, camper or motorhome? Our expert analyzes the Pros and cons of each one because the choice depends on several factors and goes beyond the money available to invest.
We introduce you to the Honda Navi, a economical motorcycle which is produced in the country, exhibits an original design, runs about 50 km on a liter of gasoline, can be customized, is offered in striking colors and is one of the most affordable on the market.

All this and much more in your March Weekend magazine that is already out!

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