Duel Between Former ACB Teams as Betis Faces Fuenlabrada in Basketball Return

Basketball returns Saint Paul after the league break and does so with a duel between two teams that have seen better times and that have only doubts on their horizon at the moment. Betis receives another historic player from the ACB like Fuenlabrada (12:30)both relegated last season, still trying to define their objectives, with the extra-sports troubles generating more doubts than certainties in both.

The best news for the green and white in this time without competition is that there has been no news. The squad was paid in February and, for the moment, except for the departure of Frazier, it seems that there is a certain normality in that situation and Joaquín Rodríguez, the franchise player now, arrived from the FIBA ​​window in good condition after competing with Uruguay.

No injuries, unless the club has communicated, and no signingsdespite having tried to hire an American base-escort without success because he wanted to do it under draconian conditions, Bruno Savignani has had time to work in search of a more regular game in which the triple is not plan A, B and C. And the Heliopolitan team, despite the improvement in its game and competing against Estudiantes or Leyma Coruña, he still doesn’t have the chance to play face to face against the greats of the competition due to his poor interior game, so he tries to exploit his virtues such as his exterior game or running on the counterattack if the opponent is failing.

Yes, Fuenlabrada has signed during this break, which with one less victory than the green and white team is only one victory above the relegation places. Two has only the Betis, which does not know whether to look down with fear or up with hope, since the ninth-placed team, Ourense, is also two wins away, closing the positions in play off. The next two home games (against Fuenlabrada and Melilla) will define the path.

The Madrid team arrives with the new Jordan Swing, North American forward with European experience, including the LEB Oro with Oviedo and the ACB with Zaragoza and Gipuzkoa Básket. He even signed for Betis Baloncesto, when the club was preparing its adventure in LEB in the summer of 2017, but he was saved in court and the entity cut him, understanding that ACB needed a higher level player. He didn’t get the replacement right either and ended up being relegated a year later.

The forward position is a position in which the Heliopolitan team limps, since the three change to the four, like Pablo Almazán or to the two to cover other positions, although it is not where the team is worst, since The lack of a play-generating center with the ability to score with his back to the rim, posting, means that Betis has an offensive game that is too predictable.

Fuenlabrada, with one win and five losses in the last six games, is not going through its best moment either, but it has important and experienced players such as Bellas, Van Zegeren, McGrew, Garino and Aranitovicso the green and white team will have to redouble defensive efforts and trust that Polanco y Kuksik accompany Joaquín Rodríguez in the offensive field.

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