DFB Stars Annoyed by Poor Turf Conditions at Frankfurt Arena Ahead of European Championships

By: Christian Falk, Tobias Altschäffl, Heiko Niedderer, Yvonne Gabriel, Yannick Hüber and Dennis Brosda (photos)

THAT really annoyed the DFB stars!

Sliding game for our national team on Frankfurt’s Rumpel turf. The players around gamer Jamal Musiala (21) kept losing their grip on the ground. Deep traces on the battered pitch, pieces of turf repeatedly flew through the air. And this in a stadium where five European Championship games will take place in the summer, including the third German preliminary round game against Switzerland (June 23).

Rasen-Alarm in Frankfurt!

“Catastrophe,” complained national coach Julian Nagelsmann (36) afterwards about the underground. Musiala went even further: “I’m glad I survived that.” And then went on to say: “I felt like I slipped at every action. I always put on cleats. But the space disappeared with every turn. I always do a lot of spins. The place has to be stable. A little slippery is okay, but that was dangerous.”

It’s clear: Something has to happen in the Frankfurt Arena between now and the European Championships (June 14th to July 14th)!

The natural turf, which was newly laid at short notice, caused annoyance at the Eintracht games, and the club bosses are also angry. How dangerous the poor turf is for the players was already evident at the end of November: Our top referee Felix Brych (48) tore his cruciate ligament while turning on a slippery turf and has been out injured ever since.

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Background to the problem: After the two NFL games in November, when, among others, superstar Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, friend of Taylor Swift, thrilled the later Super Bowl winners Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt, the hybrid turf had to be used be replaced. Reason: Mahomes, Kelce and Co. had damaged him too much (BILD reported).

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The stadium operator then decided against a new hybrid surface and instead had a much cheaper “normal” turf laid – and it has been extremely bad for weeks due to the weather.

This absolutely has to change by the start of the European Championships at the latest!

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