Deportivo, fifteen players and one signing

Deportivo, fifteen players and one signing

Seeing Iano Simao on the Riazor pitch in the last minutes against Sabadell was a real novelty. The Guinea Bissau full-back is, in the eyes of Idiakez, in a process of adaptation to the category that distanced him from being part of the Basque coach’s Praetorian guard. The comeback took place on a group of fifteen players and pivoted the entire match plan and the bench bets of the head coach. in the two months in which they have not known defeat and have risen to the lead. The loss of David Mella against Rayo Majadahonda due to a double international commitment with the Spanish sub-19 and the fact that Lucas Pérez, Yeremay and Ximo are ready push him to look for solutions and find a large squad of 24 footballers, the limit that allows the First RFEF.

Idiakez is a coach of customs and takes care of the hygiene of his locker room, so Davo will be the substitute for David Mella in next weekend’s duel in Madrid. In this way, a trusted and fetish footballer for the coach will return to the starting eleven, whom he kept even in the worst moments, the one who scored the two goals that made it impossible for him to be fired (Barcelona Atlètic and Arenteiro). Those decisive actions for him and his coach occurred with the former Ibiza player playing up front alongside Lucas Pérez. The return of Ivan Barbero and the emergence of Raúl Alcaina They have returned him to the right wing, where he was at the beginning of this league, where he is less decisive and where he made Riazor desperate in the last minutes against Sabadell with repeated errors that blocked the path of a possible 2-1 for the A Coruña team in stoppage time.

Unless the losses in defense prevented him from doing so, the coach has held on during this time, in the streak of seven wins and two draws, to a hard core of fifteen footballers (eleven typical players and four regular replacements). and on more than one occasion he has not used up the five substitutions, despite the fact that the scoreboard already reflected a win. After the replacement of Barbero by Davo after his red card against Fuenlabrada, the Asturian, Hugo Rama, Jaime Sánchez and Raúl Alcaina himself have been the recurring players in the Idiakez changes. The player on loan from KAS Eupen to give Mella a rest, the former Lugo or Oviedo player to replace Yeremay or Villares, the forward to relieve Barbero or to play with two forwards like against Sabadell, and the center back to play as false lateral and adjust the exit of the ball from behind with three defenders. There have been slight variations in this pattern, but the almost identical plan is repeated week after week. Now the Basque coach will have to think about a new starting plan and different names to come off the bench.

One of the four signings (three plus Iano’s promotion) is Luis Quintero, who arrived to reinforce the right wing after the coach’s loss of confidence in Berto Cayarga. He is also one of the options to replace Mella, but his ostracism in recent weeks complicates his replacement. The Spanish-Colombian has played eight minutes in two games that ended 4-1 and 0-5 and has not stepped on the pitch in the last month. The third of the hires, Eric Puerto, has not made his debut, although the consolidation and step forward taken by Germán Parreño has played against him. The fourth new face is Iano himself, who until Sunday had enjoyed seven minutes in the duel against Fuenlabrada.

Valcarce and Salva Sevilla

In addition to Berto Cayarga, there are two other footballers who became important, whose profiles fit what the changes in the second half demand, but who have lost weight in Idiakez’s plans. They are Pablo Valcarce and Salva Sevilla. The playmaker has not played since December 10 against Sestao and Deportivo already tried without success last winter market to get him to leave to lighten the squad and the salary load. He could not achieve his goal with an important relationship that extends until 2025. The Andalusian, who has been injured for a couple of weeks, was one of the victims in the return to the origins of Idiakez against Ponferradina and since then he has been a substitute and only He had 16 minutes against SD Logroñés. Not all of them, but Idiakez needs to go beyond his 15 trusted players to get a second wind on the way to promotion to Second.

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