City of Doba Hosts Southern Zone Women’s Basketball Tournament: A Platform for Youth Development and Unity

The city of Doba, capital of the eastern Logone province, hosts the southern zone women’s basketball tournament. This tournament which takes place from March 26 to 30 is organized by the Beyadi center in Sarh with five provincial leagues from the southern zone. The kick-off was given by the governor of Eastern Logone Toké Dady Himet.

This women’s basketball tournament brings together teams from the five provinces of the southern zone, namely Middle Chari, Mandoul, the two Logones and Mayo-Kebbi East.

In his welcome remarks, the president of the provincial women’s basketball league of Logone Oriental Djikoloum Francis indicated that the tournament is placed under the sign of friendship with a view to bringing together young girls from the provinces concerned. Sport in general, he said, constitutes a framework for youth investment and a development dividend.

For President Djikoloum Francis, the provincial league project is titled new impetus for basketball in Eastern Logone. Thus, through this project, the league intends to establish basketball courts in all six departments of the Province in order to pursue the noble objectives of unifying sport.

According to the promoter of the Beyadi center in Sarh, Beyangar Beyadi, the choice of the Eastern Logone province to host the women’s basketball tournament dates back two years. It is also an opportunity for him to ask the local authorities to help these young athletes move forward. Beyangar Beyadi informs that the Beyadi center in Sarh was created more than three years ago and is involved in sport, youth training and socio-sporting mixing throughout the southern area. The promoter continues that the last major event happened a month ago already in Abéché where the center provided the football league with sports equipment. This gesture, he said, intensified to Faya, Adré and also to Amdjarass.

Finally, the promoter invited the administrative, civil and military authorities as well as the various companies established in Doba to be able to support sport in general in Eastern Logone to regain its letter of nobility.

Kicking off this tournament, the governor of Logone Oriental province, Toké Dady Himet, said he was satisfied with this initiative. After congratulating and encouraging the organizers of the tournament, the governor clarified that a lot of potential can be exploited and highlighted in the youth environment in his province. This is how he calls on the responsibility of young girls and boys themselves to seize the opportunity to assert themselves and raise the Chadian tricolor high on the provincial, national and international level.

Toké Dady asks players from elsewhere to feel comfortable in Doba while conforming to society’s rules of life. He promises to do everything possible to make their stay pleasant. General Toké Dady then asked the players to have a spirit of fair play, an iron mind to avoid provocations, arguments and/or many other attitudes which risk tarnishing the image of the tournament.

At the opening of the tournament, the Doba team beat that of Moundou by 71 points against 13 after 40 minutes of play.

Tolobé Mbaïnaïssem Dieudonné, corresponding to Doba

2024-03-27 09:16:43
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