Celebrating 50 Years: Achternmeer-Hundsmühlen Judo Club Plans for a Bright Future

The Achternmeer-Hundsmühlen Judo Club was founded in 1974. But there will be more than one birthday party to celebrate in the anniversary year.

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Hundsmühlen – The Achternmeer-Hundsmühlen Judo Club (JCAH) will be 50 years old this year and at the top of the wish list are two “gifts”: a second extension on the existing club premises and a new club name (see info box).

It was only six years ago that the JCAH inaugurated its first expansion building. But immediately afterwards the number of members continued to skyrocket. In 2019, twice as many registrations were registered as in previous years. The new building areas around the “Center for Health and Exercise” at Diedrich-Dannmann-Straße 25 have contributed to the club now having 2,600 members. This makes the judo club the second largest in the Oldenburg district after TSG Hatten-Sandkrug.

374 square meters

“Why bigger and more and more,” we have of course been asked from several quarters,” says managing director Birgit Schweer. But the answer is simple: “Because the need is there!” And so a 374 square meter, ground-level building will be built on an open space behind the club building, where there is currently a shed and a beach volleyball court an arcade will be connected to the rest of the building complex and the sanitary facilities there. “The building application is with the district and we have submitted an application for an early start to the work,” says Birgit Schweer. Applications for grants have been submitted to the state sports association, the district and the municipality of Wardenburg – the latter has already promised 162,500 euros for the 2025 financial year. The investment volume without outdoor facilities is 650,000 euros.

Submit name suggestions and win

When it was founded in 1974, the club was called Judo-Club Achternmeer. The name extension to include Hundsmühlen came about because of the first sports facility in Hundsmühlen. The first club-owned building was built in 2004. The club was originally founded so that a handful of judoka, as a non-profit organization, had the opportunity to train in public halls in the community and district.

Today, many judokas are still active at the JCAH, “but our club name no longer reflects what we really do,” says managing director Birgit Schweer, adding: “We offer a very broad spectrum; We set trends and follow trends There is no standstill for us, but there is continuity.” There are now over 90 trainers, eight employees and one trainee working at the JCAH in the sports and fitness business career field.

When you visit social networks and the website, a new club name is now searched for. Proposals can be sent by mid-April. A jury decides and this is followed by a change to the statutes, which must be decided by the assembly of delegates in June. If one of these suggestions is implemented, the person who came up with the idea will receive one year of freedom from contributions in all departments and courses.

With the new extension, the judo club will now have six different sports rooms in addition to a fitness studio, a large course room, a loft, a gable room and an athletic hall. “Visually, the new room should not look like a typical sports hall from the inside, but should have a very special ambience because that is what the quiet groups such as yoga, Qi-Gong and meditation wanted,” says Schweer. The community’s wish to create as much parking space as possible was fulfilled around the new building. 28 new parking spaces are now planned, but the outdoor volleyball field has to be replaced.

Anniversary celebration in August

“The construction work will probably take place right in the middle of the planned anniversary celebration on August 24th,” regrets Schweer. “But the planning for the festival has already begun.” The judo club was founded on May 28, 1974 by, among others, Günter Schröder, who led the club with great passion as chairman for 47 years until his death in July 2021. As his wife, managing director Schweer wants to continue Schröder’s life’s work. “I promised him to be careful here,” she says, fighting back tears.

After Schröder’s death, the then 2nd chairman Roland Schufflitz took over the 1st chairmanship on an interim basis until Dr. Clemens Fischer was officially elected as the new club boss. Schweer knows Fischer’s motivation for taking on this position: “He was impressed by how committed the judo club was during the pandemic.” Even during the Corona period, the JCAH managed to further expand its membership numbers with a lot of inventiveness.

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