Behind the Scenes of the 42nd International Judo Tournament: A Look at the Volunteers Keeping the Competition Running Smoothly

Saturday March 16 and Sunday March 17, during the 42nd international judo tournament, athletes from all backgrounds compete on the tatami mats of the La Noue gymnasium. Behind the scenes, another fight is being waged to ensure that the meeting takes place in good conditions.

There are days when you have to be good. Days where our composure is severely tested as the pressure mounts in the face of a challenge that we have set for ourselves. For judokas, this day is none other than the day they participate in a competition. Saturday March 16, one of them is held at the La Noue gymnasium: the 42nd edition of the international judo tournament organized by the Marnaval-Saint-Dizier Judo club.

At 9:30 a.m., a handful of competitors begin to prepare themselves while waiting to take part, a few hours later, in fights at the end of which they will emerge either victorious or defeated. “For the moment, we have 600 registered, including 80 foreigners from Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg,” says Mohamed Ouali, technical director of the club and the competition. “Afterwards, we will see with the number of people present. »

“We put it together and now it’s become a source of pride”

Denis Martin Volunteer

For two days – until Sunday evening – it is he who takes on the role of conductor, as it were. “I make sure that everyone is in their place, at the right time,” explains Mohamed Ouali between two handshakes and various requests for volunteers. There are at least 80 mobilized for the event. Something to rejoice the technical director. “It’s complicated to mobilize over several days, but we’re lucky to have this team. There, we asked our juniors, cadets, juniors, seniors. And even to the competitors, either they fight today and they take over on Sunday, or they are here today and they will fight tomorrow. Everyone helps out, including parents. It’s our tournament, it’s not going to happen by itself. » And among the volunteers, there are of course the little hands from the start. Like Denis Martin, assistant secretary at the Marnaval-Saint-Dizier Judo club and today responsible for the marshals of mat 2. “We set it up and now, it has become a source of pride”. Or even Guy Allibert and his wife, stationed respectively at the café and at the ticket sale. “We meet people. It’s user-friendly. »

Around 11 a.m., as agreed, Mohamed takes the microphone. The athletes and referees arrive on the tatami mats. That’s it, everything is ready. All that’s left to do is fight. The competition will last until this Sunday evening.

Dominique Lemoine

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  • No less than 80 volunteers were mobilized to organize the sporting event.

2024-03-16 16:36:53


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