Barça’s Pursuit of Képhren Thuram as Defensive Midfielder

03/29/2024 Act. at 10:11 CET

Barça’s priority objective is to sign a pivot in front of the defense who is capable of having a good defensive position, but who also helps the construction of the team. Deco is looking for a physically strong player who can support the team and one of the preferred options was Onana, from Everton, who could escape due to his high market price. One of the footballers who has been closely followed in recent months is Képhren Thuram, Nice center, who is having an exceptional season with growth that has not gone unnoticed by European clubs.

Képrhen, son of former Blaugrana player Lilian Thuram, is already one of the best pivots in Ligue1 and his name was linked to the Real Madrid a few months ago, although the white club has overbooked in the position and it is difficult for them to qualify for his signing. Several Premier League clubs and Milan have also approached him and everything indicates that he will be released at the end of the season.

And Thuram’s contractual situation makes him attractive. His contract ends in 2025, so if Nice wants to earn any amount they will have to sell him this summer. It has a valuation of 35 million euros, but its final price could be lower if it does not finally reach a renewal agreement with the French club, something that seems absolutely ruled out.

And there is another element that makes the operation attractive to Barça. The Blaugrana club maintains 20 percent of the economic rights of the central defender Todibo, who will surely leave in the summer. There are offers for him close to 60 million euros and the Blaugrana club would receive an amount greater than 12 million for sharing the rights. That could be a way of negotiating between two clubs that maintain very good relations.

Képhren Thuram is a footballer who has evolved a lot technically and has become a positional pivot who interprets the game very well. His height of more than 1.90 meters makes him a very powerful footballer. It is that muscle that Deco is looking for and that he had personalized in the figure of Onanan (Everton), but that also appears in a Thuram that could be the great cover for the next season.

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