Alex Kroes Surprises with Unexpected Statements on Ajax’s Title Chances


Maarten Wijffels is surprised by Ziggo Sport” href=” target=”_blank”>interview with Alex Kroes on Ziggo Sport. The 49-year-old policy man officially joined Ajax as general manager last week. During the interview, Kroes said that he would take care of the technical matters himself next summer and also immediately tempered expectations in the run-up to next season. According to him, the expectation that Ajax will compete for the national title again is not realistic.

Wijffels thinks it is logical that Kroes will not appoint a technical director for the time being. “I think that sounds logical. If you are going to appoint someone in such an organization, which is already looking for stability… Then there is a new link, which seems a bit much to me. Kroes knows the market well, He can handle negotiations very well and he also has people who give him advice. I found what he said interesting.” say the journalist in the Football Podcast of the Algemeen Dagblad.

I am surprised that there is so little fuss about the boss of the richest club in the country saying that Ajax will not play for the title next season. It is unprecedented for that to be said

– Maarten Wijffels about Alex Kroes’ statements

The new general manager of Ajax also said that he would like to compete for the title, but that that is not yet realistic for next season. “In fact, Kroes said about next season at Ajax that a title would be nice, but that you should not count on it,” Wijffels reacts in surprise. “That can be a smart tactic. Bet low and it can always be better than expected, but it is Ajax. I am surprised that there is so little fuss that the boss of the richest club in the country says that Ajax will not be competing for the title next season. will play a role. It is unprecedented for that to be said.”

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Wijffels wonders whether Kroes’ statements are appropriate and draws a comparison with Feyenoord. “Dick Advocaat left at Feyenoord and Arne Slot was appointed. His first acquisition was Guus Til. Not a world purchase at all, but very important for the way of playing. Feyenoord had a top season. It could quickly become something again. That this is just passes silently… When Roger Schmidt said at PSV that the chances of becoming champion were 60-40 for Ajax, maybe even 80-20, the man had to be burned at the stake. At Ajax it now passes silently.”

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“You can also say that it is courageous. At Feyenoord they never dared to do it,” Wijffels continues. “But Feyenoord was never the richest, neither was PSV, Ajax was. That of course remains above water. In fact, it is really not possible in Dutch conditions. But yes, it happens.”


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