Acosta: “Overtaking Márquez was like losing your virginity”

The echoes of the great and promising performance of two-time Moto3 and Moto2 world champion, Pedro Acostain it Qatar Grand Prixheld last Sunday on the Qatari night, continue to provoke admiration among the more than a thousand inhabitants of the MotoGP paddock.

Admiration, not surprise, because everyone expected something like that. Although all comparisons are odious, the ‘Mazarrón shark’somewhat younger than Marc Márquez When, in 2013, the Catalan debuted in the same grand prix, he finished in ninth position on Sunday, far from the podium achieved in his first GP in MotoGP by the young man from Cervera (Lleida), third after Jorge Lorenzo y Valentino Rossi.

Needless to say, Acosta was very happy at the end of the race, although it had to be the commotion that arose in the pit box. Tech3 GasGas team the one that convinced him that, indeed, he had had a great race, certainly from more to less (“I made a mistake in managing the race, not just in wearing out the tires”), but very convincing.

It lasted as long as it lasted

The ‘shark’, who if he has distinguished himself for something since he arrived at the World Cup at only 16 years old, is for not holding back his tongue, was once again, perhaps, overly euphoric when he defined the overtake he made on Marc Márquez and which It lasted very little. “The overtaking of Marc lasted as long as it had to last. It’s been like losing your virginity: everything starts to be very nice and then it’s a complete disaster. “I couldn’t finish the story so well.” Acosta overtook the eldest Márquez on lap 12 and the eight-time world champion passed him on lap 14, recovering his position (4th).

“We have to be happy,” the Murcian driver continued explaining. “Since Moto3 I haven’t had such a good time, because in the two years in Moto2, you could barely overtake. And, now, you get to MotoGP and, in the first race, you overtake a lot of people. And it hasn’t just been the overtaking, it has been feeling comfortable, good, fast, between them, with the same rhythm. “All of that has been impressive.”

Pedro Acosta (GasGas), in Losail (Qatar). / GasGas Media

“I have no words to describe Pedro’s performance, really, because since he joined the team and got on GasGas he has not stopped surprising me, day after day, session after session, he does incredible things and, what is better, with tremendous security, confidence and ease,” commented the French Hervé Poncharal, head of the ‘satellite’ team of the Austrian firm KTM. The spectacular nature of Acosta and the enormous expectations that his arrival in MotoGP has caused has made both the Dorna companyorganizer of the World Cup, as signed Red Bullmain sponsor of the KTM factory, are already preparing, since he set foot in MotoGP, two extensive docuseries about the boy from Mazarrón.

“He didn’t have a very good start, normal, because that’s the hardest thing to learn in MotoGP, but his comeback was incredible. He didn’t make a single mistake. He lost something like three seconds in the first three laps and then maintained that gap with the leaders, without losing anything else. His lap times were always very similar to those of Jorge Martín, Brad Binder and Aleix Espargaró, that is, of the drivers who accompanied ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia on the podium, and that was very impressive.”

“Pedro was born for this. He is a born MotoGP rider. He doesn’t mind riding a heavy motorcycle, with hundreds of horses, with a lot of controls and technology. He rides with tremendous self-confidence”

Hervé Poncharal

— Head of the Tech3 Gas Gas team

For Poncharal, Acosta demonstrated, in his first weekend in the top category, that he is a MotoGP rider now! Everyone said that it would not cost the ‘shark’ anything, on the contrary, to adapt to a large motorcycle, since all his training sessions in Almeria have always been, even when he was very young, with large motorcycles.

“When he arrived at the box you asked him how everything had gone, if he had found it difficult to compete with the best and he told us no, no, ‘it was good, I had a lot of fun,’ he commented with his usual self-confidence,” added the boss. by Tech3. “It is tremendous that it is so easy for him to ride a motorcycle with so many horses, devices everywhere and in the middle of a lot of riders who have been competing in those conditions for many years. It is evident that this boy was born for this. He has very, very, special DNA. He is a born MotoGP rider. He pilots as he speaks, with tremendous self-confidence.”

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