A Necessary Revolution: Ancelotti’s Changes for Real Madrid’s Clash Against Celta

Carlo Ancelotti acknowledged his error in approach and alignment at the end of the match against RB Leipzigwhich came accompanied by a drop in tension in competing on the part of the team, taking steps back without much explanation.

You learn from mistakes or at least that’s what they say. For this reason, the Italian coach prepares a little revolution in the starting team against Celta. Lucas Vázquez, Modric, Rodrygo and Brahim will start from the start and not on the bench, as happened against the German team, as can be seen from the tests carried out on the grass in Valdebebas.

“The idea was to press more, with energy means. But we played very slow, controlling the low block too much, without pressing, with the ball we were very slow, with little verticality, with lateral passes… It hasn’t been a good night, it’s obvious. “Mea culpa”acknowledged the Italian coach.

A necessary reaction

Ancelotti: “If I would make the same team? Not at all”

What is the Real Madrid coach looking for with the changes he is going to introduce to the team? The first thing is energy, less tired footballers who are capable of injecting the team with some of that ambition that seemed to be lacking against Dani Olmo and company. Are of consecutive draws and the coach believes that something more is needed, to look for other incentives with players who have performed at a good level in their last appearances among the chosen ones.

Lucas Vazquez has known how to take advantage of the absences of Carvajal to show that he can still be important in this Real Madrid. It has come close to being notable and that is why Ancelotti will grant you a new opportunity. Exactly the same can be said about Luka Modric.. The Croatian was decisive against the Sevilla and both against Valencia and against RB Leipzig helped the white team save the furniture, giving what they needed at that moment, which was nothing other than pause and vision of the game to find what the team needed most. Real Madridthat is, tranquility in the face of the nerves that the Bernabéu was experiencing.

Carvajal, Kroos y Bellingham se caen

The perfect counter to the best couple in Europe: Who does it better, Bellingham or Vinicius?

Brahim He has performed better as a rebounder and with the game already started than when he started, but deserves this new opportunityagain acting as Jude Bellingham. Ancelotti considers that the former City player is the natural substitute for the Englishman and he proves it again after the number 5’s suspension.

Carvajal and Toni Kroos will be the other two players who drop out of an eleven to which he will also return Rodrygopossibly instead of Camavingawho was not very involved in the game in the forty-five minutes he played against the German team.

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