210 yellow faithful, a remedy against the black-gold disease

For the second consecutive year the Dreamland Gran Canaria put at the service of its fans a package consisting of passage on a Naviera Armas ship, a t-shirt, transportation by bus to the Santiago Martín Pavilion and the entrance to be able to access the venue to encourage the Claterian team in its attempt to end the bad gold and black fario that has weighed on the yellow entity in the last five years. Nothing better than supporting the team in lagoon territory, that is what the 210 yellow faithful have thought who will be pushing from the stands on Sunday to pick up a baton that Víctor García left in his last service as head coach before the well-known replacement by part of Pedro Martínezin a season marked by participation in the Euroleague.

Alejo Melero, head of the department of Granca Events and Promotion recognizes that: “After the great reception this initiative had last year, we had to repeat it, because everyone was asking for it.” “We are going with three buses, 210 fans will travel who have taken advantage of the boat, tickets and t-shirt pack, although there are also people who we know have traveled on their own,” he explains, very satisfied with the response of the yellow tide. ” .

Throughout the day yesterday there was a trickle of fans who were approaching the official store in the Las Ramblas Shopping Center to pick up their packs, with that shine in their eyes that could also be seen in the hundreds of fans who traveled to Malaga to enjoy the Copa del Rey.

For Franciscothe earliest riser of the fans who made an appointment to pick up their pack, acknowledges that in his case “it is the first time that I am going to Tenerife with all the enthusiasm to see a derby at the Santiago Martín. «Tenerife has a great team and the couple that Huertas and Shermadini form is very good, normally we always lose to them, but we are going to try to do something this time,” he says hopefully.

For Juanma, However, this will be his second time at the Santiago Martín: «Last year we were on the verge of winning, it was my first experience there and it turned out to be wonderful, so this yearor I want to repeat and with a victory. “I hope to continue supporting them there every year, because Granca is my passion and this year despite the bad luck of the Eurocup, I think that next year we will come back stronger and we hope to win the second Eurocup and be able to play in the Euroleague.”

For your partOrlando and Laura, Like Francisco, they make their debut in a derby in Tenerife. He is clear: “We are going to win there with three”, while she misses “Balcerowski” and that “Brussino be something more regular, because there are games that are very good, but in others it disappears. Unlike Orlando, Laura affirms that she does not dare “to give a prediction, I am going with the hope of being able to win, but if we can’t at least we will have been there supporting the team.”

Hector, The fifth lucky person to win one of the coveted packs acknowledged that he is excited “despite having not won in Santiago Martín for five years, the truth is that we are eager to achieve victory.” «If this Granca has shown anything, it is that he is capable of beat the best and when we have everything facing us, losing, this is sport and we can win,” he stressed.

In which the five protagonists completely agree in their preference for the inside game of last year, with Khalifa Diop and Olek Balcerowski. “Happ is very good but he is not a complete player,” said Francisco. Along the same lines, Juanma misses “two centers under the rim who can do a lot of work,” although he acknowledges that “he would give the team a 7.5 in general, because we are at the top of the table and we are eligible for the Playoff.” .

None of the five protagonists understand the meaning of the signing of Amar Gegic for Granca. «I am not a sports director but it is true that Tenerife signs what they sign and they are always players who perform for them, in fact sometimes players who are not known perform wonderfully for them and in the case of Gegic he has not had many opportunities, but The little he has played has not shown anything either,” declares Héctor.

“I don’t understand very well the signing that Gran Canaria made, it doesn’t seem like that player is worth it and yet they always sign very good players,” adds Francisco.

If Granca wants to have any option to win in Tenerife, Juanma is clear that “they have to train more in free throws because that is why the team lost the option of continuing in the Eurocup by losing to Besiktas, they have to improve in rebounds and in many things that we still lack”, a maxim in which his rest of his colleagues agree.

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2024-03-22 01:09:57
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