2024 NFL Draft Countdown: Top Defensive Players by Position Revealed

2024 NFL Draft Countdown: Top Defensive Players by Position Revealed

By Grégory Richard — March 22, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Less than 35 days until the start of the 2024 NFL Draft! A few weeks before the event, and the day after a free agency with many upheavals, the time has come…

Less than 35 days until the start of the 2024 NFL Draft! A few weeks before the event, and the day after a free agency with many upheavals, it is time for a squad review, with the top 15 for each position. After the attack on Wednesday, today’s focus is on the defensive positions.


1. Dallas Turner (Alabama)
2. Jared Verse (Florida State)
3. Laiatu Latu (UCLA)
4. Chop Robinson (Penn State)
5. Darius Robinson (Missouri)
6. Chris Braswell (Alabama)
7. Bralen Trice (Washington)
8. Jonah Elliss (Utah)
9. Adisa Isaac (Penn State)
10. Brandon Dorlus (Oregon)
11. Marshawn Kneeland (Western Michigan)
12. Austin Booker (Kansas)
13. Nelson Ceaser (Houston)
14. Mohamed Kamara (Colorado State)
15. Gabriel Murphy (UCLA)

Without too many surprises, Chop Robinson significantly increased his rating after an ultra-clear combination. Conversely, his namesake, Darius, hasn’t completely ridden the Senior Bowl wave and his first-round status is still up for debate. The key word for this position seems to be project, like Trice or Elliss, a pass rush specialist who will surely need to be developed initially.


1. Byron Murphy II (Texas)
2. Jer’Zhawn Newton (Illinois)
3. Braden Fiske (Florida State)
4. Kris Jenkins (Michigan)
5. T’Vondre Sweat (Texas)
6. Ruke Orhorhoro (Clemson)
7. Leonard Taylor (Miami FL)
8. Maason Smith (LSU)
9. Mekhi Wingo (LSU)
10. Michael Hall (Ohio State)
11. DeWayne Carter (Duke)
12. McKinnley Jackson (Texas A&M)
13. Gabe Hall (Baylor)
14. Tyler Davis (Clemson)
15. Justin Eboigbe (Alabama)

Very good deals could be made via this position. Braden Fiske was an undeniable winner of the Indianapolis stage and a place in the top 40 seems more than likely depending on the scenarios. Other raw athletes, like the massive Sweat, the basketball player Orhorhoro or the certified rusher Maason Smith have what it takes to bring joy to their future franchise, in the second or third round.

Maason Smith, a true force of nature on the first curtain.


1. Payton Wilson (NC State)
2. Edgerrin Cooper (Texas A&M)
3. Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (Clemson)
4. Junior Colson (Michigan)
5. Cedric Gray (North Carolina)
6. Trevin Wallace (Kentucky)
7. Tommy Eichenberg (Ohio State)
8. Edefuan Ulofoshio (Washington)
9. Jaylan Ford (Texas)
10. Marist Liufau (Notre Dame)
11. Ty’Ron Hopper (Missouri)
12. Jordan Magee (Temple)
13. Nathaniel Watson (Mississippi State)
14. Curtis Jacobs (Penn State)
15. JD Bertrand (Notre Dame)

If Payton Wilson didn’t have poor health, he’d be a sure-fire first-rounder, as he recalled at the Combine. Behind, the top 4 seems quite well established and the order of selection will depend on the defensive preferences of the different formations. Mainly expected on special teams, Ulofoshio was rather surprising in terms of his athletic abilities.


1. Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo)
2. Terrion Arnold (Alabama)
3. Cooper DeJean (Iowa)
4. Nate Wiggins (Clemson)
5. Ennis Rakestraw Jr. (Missouri)
6. Kool-Aid McKinstry (Alabama)
7. Kamari Lassiter (Georgia)
8. Max Melton (Rutgers)
9. Mike Sainristil (Michigan)
10. Kris Abrams-Draine (Missouri)
11. TJ Tampa (Iowa State)
12. Kalen King (Penn State)
13. Josh Newton (TCU)
14. Cam Hart (Notre Dame)
15. D.J. James (Auburn)

Arnold or Mitchell? Mitchell or Arnold? The duel divides within the editorial staff, and this should also be the case within the franchises. Behind, Cooper DeJean could be quite high on the boards, given the possibility of making him a cornerback, a nickel or a safety at the higher level. The Combine did a lot of good for Max Melton and Cam Hart, who are moving up the pecking order somewhat because of it.


1. Tyler Nubin (Minnesota)
2. Kamren Kinchens (Miami FL)
3. Javon Bullard (Georgia)
4. Calen Bullock (USC)
5. Cole Bishop (Utah)
6. Jaden Hicks (Washington State)
7. Beau Brade (Maryland)
8. Sione Vacay (Utah)
9. Evan Williams (Oregon)
10. Tykee Smith (Georgia)
11. James Williams (Miami FL)
12. Jaylin Simpson (Auburn)
13. Kitan Oladapo (Oregon State)
14. Malik Mustapha (Wake Forest)
15. Dadrion Taylor-Demerson (Texas Tech)

Expected in the first round, Kinchens seems to be going through a fairly ordinary draft process, which means that he suffers from comparison with a constant Nubin and will undoubtedly end up as the first safety in this draft. But with a fairly homogeneous group, it would not be surprising to see Bullock, air control tower, or Bishop, permanent ground engine, firmly in the top 40. Among the intrigues of this position: Sione Vaki, who evolved as a runner and safety at Utah, and whose preferred position does not seem completely determined, and Tykee Smith, excellent nickelback/safety in college, but with too repetitive injuries to completely reassure.

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