Young Athletes from Sassari Shine in Freestyle Wrestling Championships: Medal Success for Local Clubs

The results of the young athletes from Sassari in freestyle wrestling.

The curtain has fallen on the Italian U17 Class Championships in men’s and women’s freestyle wrestlingit was a beautiful day of sport, the sports clubs of Sardinia participated in the competition such as: Polisportiva Athlon Sassari, Shardana Judo Lotta Silanus, Yaoki DoJo Villagrande, Lions Club Sassari and Extreme Piroddu, who gave Sardinia: a medal silver with Adele Mura and three bronze medals with Sofia Cocco, Nicola Bodano and Mattia Rubiu.

The Shardana Lotta of Silanus trained by Ymbre Cocco, is tinged with silver with Adele Mura in the 46 kg, who had three fights in the final, lost to the very talented Maria Antonietta Caldiero from Catania. The medals continue with Sofia Cocco than in the 49 kg wins another bronze medal after having fought three fights, other notable results come from the rest of the Sila patrol, with Nicolò Cadoni in the 45 kg, Salvatore Cadoni in the 60 kg, Ricardo Giugia in the 60 kgSalvatore Carta in the 65 kg, Masala Federica in 53 e Arianna Pitalis in the 65s.

The Polisportiva Athlon Sassari coached by Giovani Maria Solinas has fielded three young athletes, among whom stands out Nicola Giuseppe Bodano in the 65 kgwho after having fought four fights won the Bronze medal, his teammates achieved satisfactory placings such as: Tommaso Solinas in the 55 kg, and Nicolò Solinas in the 80 kg.

The Yaoki Dojo of Villagrande Strisaili trained by Dgreedy Shield, which fielded the young athlete Mattia Rubiu in the 51 kg category. who won the bronze medal after having fought four fights.

The Polisportiva Lions Club of Sassari, which fielded three athletes, who achieved considerable results with: Tomaso Salaris now 55 Kg., Giulia Garau now 53 kg., and with Melissa Iacovella in the 65 kg. Extreme Piroddu has only one athlete on the field, Leonardo A. Pinna in the 65 kg category. which achieved a notable result.

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