Yanina Latorre Announces Separation from Diego Latorre with Daniel Osvaldo’s Mockery and Her Fiery Response

With a brief statement Yanina Latorre announced from his account Instagram his separation from the former footballer Diego Latorre. After more than two decades together with two children together, the couple decided to put an end to the rumors. Although the causes are not known, many Internet users have made all kinds of speculations and one of them was Daniel Osvaldo.

He is also a former footballer Daniel Osvaldo He took advantage of the opportunity and, apparently, as revenge, hit the journalist from The Morning Angels. Through your account Instagram He accompanied a message with laughing emojis: “And now what’s his name? He lost his last name #everything comes back.”

However, the scandal did not stop there since Daniel Osvaldo He recorded a video mocking Yanina Latorre. “Good morning. Someone please take this concern away from me. Claudia was always Villafañe, she was never Claudia Maradona. Antonela was always Antonela Roccuzzo, she was never Antonela Messi and Yanina now what will her name be?”

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Daniel Osvaldo He was forceful and blurted out: “Someone clear up this doubt for me, because he ran out of balls to hang on to. How barbaric, what will his name be now, kisses Yani, I want to know your last name.” In another story he noted: “Call for solidarity a surname for Yanina.”

The mockery of Daniel Osvaldo.

After that Yanina Latorre just by seeing the first story of Daniel Osvaldo began a strong crossing. The journalist made her defense on El Observador 107.9. “Take care of me, you piece of useless, good for nothing. You are an abandoner of children, an abandoner of women, you have reported gender violence, you do not support your children and you tell me that I am left without a last name. You have no dignity, you have no life “You have no name, you are useless without a solution.”

Yanina Latorre Visibly angry, she took her clothes out into the sun. Daniel Osvaldo and talked about his conflicts with past relationships. The panelist pointed out that Daniel Osvaldo He left with Jimena Barón and then left her for Militta Bora crying on television. She accused him that they both reported gender and economic violence and also mentioned Giannina Maradona to me with whom he came and went as she pleased. “You gave Jimena Barón hopes, you put her in your house during a pandemic, you don’t see your son Momo and you don’t support him. Jimena Barón and Giannina Maradona were friends and you talk to me about how everything comes back, you have to come back to me.” you piece of… I send you a kiss”.

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