Xinhua Daily’s ‘Rural Campus Transformation Plan’ Recognized as Top Ten Outstanding Case of China’s New Media Charity in 2023

Xinhua Daily’s “Rural Campus Transformation Plan” was selected as one of the top ten outstanding cases of China’s new media charity in 2023

2024/02/12 16:10 Junction News

Intersection News On February 12, the Top Ten Outstanding Cases of China’s New Media Charity in 2023 recommended by the New Media Professional Committee of the China Journalists Association were officially released. The “Rural Campus Transformation Plan” case submitted by Xinhua Daily was successfully selected!

The China New Media Joint Public Welfare Action has been held for five consecutive years and has become a widely acclaimed brand event with extensive participation from news media and commercial communication platforms. This year’s top ten outstanding cases come from 3 central media, 4 local media, and 3 commercial platforms, including people’s livelihood services, education and public welfare, helping the elderly and the disabled, and finding relatives. They are full of positive energy!

The “Rural Campus Renovation Plan” organized and implemented by the “Water Drop Charity” column of Xinhua Daily has lasted for 8 years. A rural school is renovated every year, and more than a thousand families participate in it in different ways every year. Since the first implementation of this activity in 2017, it has implemented new basketball courts, new football fields, renovated school buildings, built new canteens, and built new buildings for 9 rural campuses in western regions such as Ningxia, Guizhou, Sichuan, Gansu, Hunan, and Yunnan. Campus renovation projects include campus walls, building new toilets, building a new table tennis hall, replacing roofs, replacing doors and windows, and beautifying the campus.

The “Top Ten Outstanding Cases of New Media Charity in China in 2023” are:

@People’s Daily Online


@China Central Radio and Television Station


@Zhejiang Radio and Television Group

@Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group



@Alibaba Public Welfare


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