With the greatest coaching talent in the Bundesliga?

Perfectionist: Fabian Hürzeler is considered the greatest German coaching talent in football. Image: dpa

Fabian Hürzeler is considered the greatest coaching talent in German football. With its commitment to the club, St. Pauli feels better prepared in the fight for promotion. Especially after Hürzeler’s latest masterpiece.

In the traditional media round shortly before Christmas, confidence should be spread at FC St. Pauli after an undefeated preliminary round. Over pretzels and coffee, we listened to coach Fabian Hürzeler and Andreas Bornemann, the sports director, assess the second half of 2023.

But the statements were in sharp contrast to the promotion position and the starting position for the second half of the season. Hürzeler seemed dissatisfied after the draws in Osnabrück and against Wehen Wiesbaden – the excess of opportunities had gotten to him. He didn’t speak like the coach of a club that narrowly missed the fall championship.


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