“We take care of the players so that they go to the national team and play 80 minutes”

Valencia Basket will resume the competition tomorrow Thursday on the Virtus court in Bologna where they will face matchday 27 of the Euroleague, a match with which the Taronja put an end to the break caused by the FIBA ​​Windows.

“We take care of the players so that they go to the national team and play 80 minutes” / pilar lópez. Valencia

Álex Mumbrú yesterday recovered four of the international players: Pradilla, López-Arostegui and Claver, who returned from his training camp with Spain, and Chris Jones who also joined after playing two games with Armenia. The fifth international, Damien Inglis, will travel directly to Bologna without passing through Valencia. Mumbrú was concerned about the consequences of these international concentrations and specifically complained about the case of Chris Jones, who played in full in both games with Armenia and to whom his coach did not grant a single minute of rest: “It is clear that there are things I don’t like them, because I don’t see a good idea of ​​taking care of them for a year and then having them go with the national team and play 80 minutes in two games. “The selectors only think about the national teams.”

Chris Jones, the main star of the Armenian national team, played fully in the games against Austria, in which he scored 30 points and gave 8 assists, and against Albania (22 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists). The American point guard with an Armenian passport has suffered various physical problems throughout the season, so the club has tried to manage him as much as possible, something that has not happened with Armenia.

Mumbrú stressed that he will have to assess the physical condition with which the five internationals have returned: “We will have to see if they need more rest or will already be one hundred percent.” “We haven’t been able to train with them yet,” he highlighted at a press conference before starting the team’s first session after the hiatus for the FIBA ​​Windows.

Regarding the significance of the match against Virtus, where Valencia Basket will try to take one more step towards the Euroleague play in, Álex Mumbrú, highlighted: «Virtus is a team that has only lost two games at home and in the last , against Monaco, they had a shot to win, so we know the difficulty, the atmosphere we will find ourselves in and we have to be together for the entire forty minutes. Nobody said it would be easy to enter ‘play in’, but we have our options and we have to fight for it game by game,” Mumbrú stressed.

The coach pointed out that in the remaining Euroleague games in which the Taronja will play more away from home than at home, Valencia has to become “strong at home” because outside “everyone has something at stake” as is the case with the Italian team. . “He has the ‘play in’ on track, but he will want to enter the ‘play off’ directly,” ventured Mumbrú, who has lost five players due to national team commitments.

Regarding the consequences on the spirit of the team that has been able to leave the Copa del Rey in which Valencia Basket lost in the semifinals against Real Madrid, Mumbrú maintained that “the Cup leaves many people affected and only one team doing well, which is “he who wins.” Thus, he pointed out that they had “six or seven very bad minutes in the third quarter against Madrid” from which they knew how to recover to be thirteen down, but they did not end “with very good feelings. We are going to meet physical teams many times »

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