Vertigo without prize in Mestalla (0-0)

Team of overflowing youthful enthusiasm, Valencia subjects each rival that visits Mestalla to matches without respite, running and pressing at a gallop, without giving a respite, with the breath on Mestalla, but sometimes without the point of finesse that the job provides. All in all, Rubén Baraja has formed a block that is always reliable in front of his people, in an increasingly impregnable stadium, although he is not always able to win. This is what happened against a classic rival, a Sevilla team reactivated by Quique Flores, but shaken by Pipo’s children. The vertigo and the heart, without aim, were not enough to break the tie, but it is the path that Valencia has found to compete, survive its own destiny and position itself close to Europe.

Too young to speculate on the tempo of the game, to plan a long-term future in 90 minutes, Valencia went for the game from the first second. At 37 seconds Fran Pérez, always cheeky, fired the first shot. Valencia triangulated quickly and with the first touch, with a very defined plan behind the advanced sides of a Sevilla still positioning itself with its heavy machinery. At 8 minutes, Sergi Canós had tested Nyland twice. The one from Nules, A lifetime dreaming of Mestalla, he plays in search of lost time. He even rehearses without thinking the shots from the front that were prohibited at Brentford.

Too young to speculate on the tempo of the game, to plan a long-term future in 90 minutes, Valencia went for the game from the first second

The game moved agitatedly, without interruptions, alive as in the beautiful duel on the Grandstand side between Gayà and Jesús Navas, captains and spiritual leaders of the two teams. An inaccuracy between Diakhaby and Mamardashvili led to a Sevilla cross with a very rough clearance from Mosquera. The replay revealed that the Valencian-Colombian central defender ended up cradling the ball in his left arm. The lack of intention absolved him of the penalty.

From that action, the Sevilla team of the medalists Quique and Oltra stretched, better positioned and attacking with many troops. Valencia spent several minutes chasing Sevilla’s possession, but regained control of the ring before the end of the first half. With a little donut from Gayà towards Yaremchuk, who did not know how to hit the control, nor did he know how to impale himself in the goal mouth. Even unexpected guests appeared, like Folquier. Stubborn and firm, the Guadeloupean burst dangerously into the area twice. The first ended in a corner, the second with a possible penalty from Isaac Romero, who charged with excessive force. Soto Grado did not see a penalty and Mestalla went into the break roaring, like Gayà, who bit the ball protesting a foul.

Mestalla was a boiler and he delivered with his team / JM López

Valencia once again summoned the storm in the opening minutes of the second half, with increasing prominence of Yaremchuk, with clear chances in the 48th and 50th. Or Hugo Duro, who in the 49th minute almost replicated his header against Athletic, with Gayà again as “partner in crime”. With his anarchic trot Fran Pérez tried again in blocked shots. The high pace of the game invited changes, to maintain tension and limit the first inaccuracies in simple passes. Baraja replaced Canós with Peter Federico, at his baptism in Mestalla. El Pipo added more fuel, more youth, with Jesús Vázquez and Javi Guerra, who appeared in the party zone that he likes so much. Sevilla, which in its compromised position every point is good, was waiting in hiding, waiting for counterattacks. Peter Federico had it, with a semi-miss left-handed volley, which among a sea of ​​legs almost surprised Nyland. The Dominican grabbed his hair. Baraja reestablished the two references in attack with the final departure of Alberto Marí, in a more ambitious Valencia, in a Mestalla cheering for corners. There was no reward, but there was applause that conveys identification.

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