Valencia Denies Netflix Access to Film Inside Mestalla for Vinicius Documentary

Netflix will not be able to film inside the Mestalla next Saturday for the documentary it is making about Vinicius. Valencia has asked LaLiga not to credit the Brazilian production company that is producing it or, failing that, if they are allowed access, that they not be able to take images in the stadium before, during or after the match. The club will also not grant any of the interviews that it has requested from Valencia this week. Specifically, the footballer Hugo Duro, protagonist along with the Brazilian of the action for which Vinicius was sent off in the last Valencia-Real Madrid.

Valencia thus wants to avoid the loss of control over the material that the production company may record in the stadium. “We cannot participate in something whose objective is neither known nor controllable and that may seek to damage the image of our fans,” says a source from the black and white club. Valencia, therefore, asked this Monday LaLiga, which is in charge of issuing accreditations, not to grant access to the members of the production company Conspiraçao, which in recent months has been preparing a documentary about the Brazilian and for this reason He is following him up at different stages. And LaLiga will accept Valencia’s request.

Vinicius returns to Mestalla this Saturday for the first time since the controversy that arose in May. Valencia considers that then the image of the club and the fans was unfairly damaged, when Carlo Ancelotti and the Brazilian himself announced on their social networks that “an entire stadium has gone crazy” calling him ‘monkey’, something that did not happen. and some words that the Italian coach had to go out and rectify. The racist incidents that occurred at Mestalla were not generalized and Valencia’s action was quick and forceful, expelling for life the fans identified by the police who insulted the Brazilian and who are being tried in court.

Valencia considers that the noise generated by the loudspeaker on social networks and by Ancelotti harmed them in a “totally unfair” way. Hence he refuses to be a participant in this documentary. In fact, the club has also denied the production company’s request for interviews with several of its players, including the aforementioned Hugo Duro, and club staff. Valencia refers to its forceful actions after those incidents and its firm stance against racism.

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Netflix announced in June 2023 that it will release a documentary about Vinicius in 2025. According to the content platform, the script is by Emílio Domingos and the direction falls to Andrucha Waddington. Conspiraçao is a Brazilian production company that has ten International Emmy nominations and creator of productions such as ‘DOM’ for Amazon Prime Video, ‘Reality Z’ for Netflix or ‘Under Pressure’ for Globo.

The production company’s cameras, among other games, were present at the match played at the Santiago Bernabéu between Real Madrid and Valencia, the first between the two since the incidents. For the Mestalla match, as they do not have the rights to broadcast the match, they could not take images of the grass, although what the production company had requested was access to be able to record images of the stands during the match.

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