Union Stuns Club Brugge with Late Goals to Reach Cup Final


  • 21′ – Position. Kevin McAllister by Ross Sykes
  • 44′ – Yellow – Hans Vanaken
  • 51′ – Yellow – Mathias Rasmussen
  • 69′ – Verv. Mathias Rasmussen by Lazare Amani
  • 73′ – Substitution. Éder Balanta by Hugo Vetlesen
  • 74′ – Goal – Mohamed Amoura (1 – 0)
  • 86′ – Verv. Simon Mignolet door Nordin Jackers
  • 86′ – Verv. Ferran Jutglà by Michal Skoras
  • 87′ – Yellow – Charles Vanhoutte
  • 90+3′ – Goal – Ross Sykes (2 – 0)
  • 90+5′ – Verv. Joel Ordóñez door Victor Barbera
  • 90+10′ – Red – Maxim De Cuyper
  • Croky Cup – matchday 2 – 28/02/24 – 20:30



    Mohamed Amoura


    Mohamed Amoura

    1 – 0


    Ross Sykes


    Ross Sykes

    2 – 0

    All traumas from previous encounters are momentarily forgotten. After an unlikely final offensive in the final quarter, Union is in the cup final. Amoura erased Club Brugge’s bonus, then Sykes headed the entire Dudenpark into ecstasy in minute 92. For the first time in 110 years, Union is in a cup final. And what now at Club Brugge after this new blow?

    Union – Club Brugge in a nutshell:

    • Key moment: Once again Club Brugge gives it away at the end, once again Union scores in extra time.
    • Man of the Match: Ross Sykes plays his 1.96 meters in the 92nd minute. Union wins with his striking header.
    • Striking: Union is playing the cup final for the first time since 1914. Then it won against Club Brugge.

    Rasmussen kills a huge chance

    After the late goal in Bruges (2-1), Union did it again. In the 92nd minute, the tall Sykes found the net with his head. The England defender had headed his team to the cup final, Union’s first since 1914.

    The home team was in control. Union demanded the ball and made it difficult for Club Brugge with fast paced football.

    Nilsson put Mignolet to work for the first time with a crossed shot. Not much later, Rasmussen should have beaten the Club goalie, but the free shooting opportunity ended rashly over the visitors’ goal.

    After Union’s giant chance, Club Brugge responded with tries from Thiago and Vanaken, but the two did not score.

    Chances for Club Brugge, goals for Union

    Union continued to put pressure in the second half, and Club had the better chances. Thiago left them one by one.

    20 minutes before the end, Amoura broke the ban. The blue-black defenders couldn’t get the ball away, he rammed it into the roof of the goal: 1-0.

    With that score, extra time seemed to be in the making, until Sykes played his length and Union nodded towards delirium.

    On May 9, the Brussels club will play the cup final against Antwerp or Ostend. After the first match it is 1-1.

    WATCH: The goals in Union – Club Brugge


    Phase by phase

    end: 2-0

    The Union deejay chooses the record “Vamos a la playa”. That will be “Vamos a Bruselas.” On May 9, the club will play the final of the Belgian Cup for the first time since 1914.

    Opponent will be cup holder Antwerp or KV Oostende.

    De Cuyper pushes

    Maxim De Cuyper is right: his team deserves a corner kick, but he goes too far with his protest. After a push, the Club player must take a shower.

    We are already 8 minutes into extra time. Free kick for Club Brugge.

    Corner for Club Brugge. Jackers moves along, but it remains 2-0.

    Today Union was the better team, in two games it was close.

    Peter Vandenbempt

    Sykes heads Union into the final!

    There’s the Union Air Force. The tall defender Sykes towers high above the Club defense and finds the net with his head. The ball flies into the far corner.

    Union are on their way to their first cup final in 110 years.

    +6 minutes

    The added time starts.

    Skoras, Jutgla’s replacement, turns the ball wide. A creditable effort from Club Brugge.

    Will we get a cup finalist within 90 minutes? Time is running out.

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