Top 5 Biggest Underdogs Who Have Won the Super Bowl: Surprising Upsets and Betting Opportunities

If you are already familiar with the terms of the sports bets, you probably know what we mean by the word ‘underdog’. When you check the odds for a match between two teams or athletes, you will notice that usually one of them has higher odds than the other. This would be the underdog, that side or participant that is the least favored to win and, therefore, has the most generous odds. Likewise, the more difference there is between the two, the wider the spread usually is.

For big sporting events like the Super Bowl, betting on the underdog can be risky, as these are usually the ones that end up losing. However, over the years, there have been several occasions in which the underdog has emerged as NFL champion. Next, we will tell you which are some of the biggest underdogs who have won the Super Bowl.

#5 – Super Bowl XXXII (1998): Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers

Favorites: Packers

Spread: +11

Result: The Broncos won (31-24)

#4 – Super Bowl IV (1970): Kansas City Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings

Favourites: Vikings

Spread: +12

Result: Chiefs won (23–7)

#3 – Super Bowl XLII (2008): New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Favorites: Patriots

Spread: +12

Result: The Giants won (17–14)

#2 – Super Bowl XXXVI (2002): New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams

Favorites: Rams

Spread: +14

Result: The Patriots won (20–17)

#1 – Super Bowl III (1969): New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts

Favorites: Colts

Spread: +18

Result: The Jets won (16-7)

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