TOP 10, MLB 2024.

10. SS/ Orioles de Baltimore.

We always save the tenth position to introduce a player with special characteristics, Wander Franco occupied that place for 2021 and, in our favor, it must be said that he responded as we projected. In this case, the one who should be the third hitter and SS of the Orioles for Opening Day has not yet debuted, however, his talent is so overwhelming that we can place him in this top, not so much because of what he will do immediately but with it pending. as one of the game’s next superstars. In his brief time in the minor leagues he hit 320 with an OBP of 449, so we are in the presence of something unique. He is one of the few players who does everything well and, sooner rather than later, he will end up succeeding the great Carl Ripken Jr. Jackson Holliday has no ceiling.

9. SS/ Ragers de Texas.

Injuries continue to be in his way, but that did not prevent him from getting into the fight for the MVP in the 2023 season, which culminated in a championship for his team. He was recently the best player in position 6, now he enters this top thanks to his bat. He always had a reputation as a good hitter and, in this context of limited defensive shifts, he took the opportunity to have his best season, where he had an ops of 1.013, being one of three players with said statistic above a thousand points, the others They were Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuña, unanimous MVP winners in their respective leagues. Corey Seager is the best hitter of all MLB infielders, distanced from a higher rating by his poor speed and defense game.

8. LF/ Yankees de New York.

He broke the record for salary arbitration with $31 million. A walk machine, at his young age has crept into the discussion when it comes to evaluating today’s best hitters. Just 25 years old, and with a change of scenery that promises to be very beneficial, it is possible that we are close to seeing the best season of a player who is designed to dominate the league with his bat. History does not repeat itself but it rhymes, Juan Soto is a light version of Manny Ramírez.

7. LF/DH Yordan Álvarez

He is not a media player, but his bat speaks volumes about his ability. He has an ops over a thousand points in recent seasons. He is a hitter without weaknesses, and in the most difficult moment of the season (playoffs) is where he makes himself felt most strongly. Not many know it, but Yordan Álvarez is the best left-handed hitter in all the major leagues, and be careful, if he plays 150 he will put a season, in terms of accumulation and percentages, in Barry Bonds territory.

6. 1B/ Los Angeles Dodgers

He came to the Dodgers accidentally. But since he put on the blue uniform of the Los Angeles team he has been one of the best players in the entire Major Leagues. He comes from starring in the best one-two in the history of the game with his partner Mookie Betts and, looking back at his recent behavior, regardless of his 34 almost 35 years, there is no compelling reason to believe that he can be relegated. Freddie Freeman runs well, has hit 91 extra-base hits and has an obp of 408 in the last two years. He is a superstar of the game and future hall of famer.

5. RF,2B/ Los Angeles Dodgers

He is the player that everyone wants, a modern version of Roberto Clemente, as a prospect he was not projected for much, however, in his career that is now 10 years old, he has an MVP and on three occasions he has placed second in the voting for said prize. Last season, given his team’s void at second base, he found himself available to occupy what was once his position and regardless of the fact that he is the best right fielder in recent times. Mookie Betts hit 90 extra-base hits, and he did so splitting his playing time between second base and shortstop. After Mike Trout, Betts is the best position player of the last decade.

4. RF/ San Diego Padres.

He left shortstop to play right field and responded by winning the platinum glove, an honor awarded to the best defensive player of the season. 2023 was his worst season with the bat, and it was not surprising, since he had undergone surgery three times to solve some problems with his left shoulder and wrist. Considering his defensive play and speed, and being a genuine candidate to hit 40 home runs, there is nothing more, he can be registered as one of three favorites to win the National League MVP. Fernando Tatis Jr., if he stays healthy, by the end of the season he would be back in the discussion of the best player in MLB. Tatis Jr is Ronald Acuña’s rival for the MVP.

3. RF,CF/ Yankees de New York.

He holds the record for home runs in the history of the American League, which caused him to snatch the Most Valuable Player award from Shohei Ohtani. For 2023 he picked up things where he left them, however, an injury to his right foot sidelined him from playing the entire season, the number one on the court only saw participation in 106 games, despite that he was able to hit 37 home runs, that is That is to say, he was on his way to another campaign of more than 50 four-corner hits. The Judge is in his best moment, he divides his time between right and center field, being a guarantee in both. Aaron Judge is clearly the best player in the American League.

2. RF/ Bravos de Atlanta.

In 2021 and being in the middle of a great season, his anterior cruciate ligament in his left leg burst, he suffered a setback in 2022 but got things back on track last season. 40-40 is a conversation-stopping number when it comes to baseball. Well, barely five players had achieved it, this was always an ideal player to enter the famous club, the problem is that he exceeded himself to such a point that the others are diminished. Miguel Cabrera’s heir as the best Venezuelan of all time set the bar high, now 40-40 seems far away and it is, if we think about the 40-70 that this extraordinary player was able to achieve. 41 home runs and 73 stolen bases matched the National League MVP. So that we have a more complete idea of ​​the feat; included, only five players hit more than 40 home runs, and only four stole 40 or more hits, from the long ball club (Olson, Schwarber, Alonso and Ozuna), among them they added 5 stolen bases. That is to say, we are facing a rare specimen that is difficult to match. Ronald Acuña Jr., by 2024, has the honor of being the best player in MLB.

1. P,DH/ Los Angeles Dodgers.

The truth is that it is unfair to add him to this list, no player can compete with him. He has two unanimous MVPs to his credit and it could have easily been three. He is someone capable of winning the Cy Young and hitting 50 home runs. 2023 was an almost perfect year, he won the World Baseball Classic being the central figure of his team, he starred in a movie closing by striking out his teammate and best position player of the present generation, Mike Trout. Injuries knocked on the door again, his arm did not allow him to finish another historic day, however, that did not stop him from winning the top honors in the American League for the second time and, as if it were, once he stepped into free agency, He got the most expensive contract of all time, $700 million with the Dodgers. Shohei Ohtani is the greatest baseball player of all time.

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